31 Oct 2008

Gidday, I'm Colin!

Not all Australian Christians love Colin Buchanan: "too irreverent": "too silly"; "full of twaddle"; "makes fun of God"; these are just some of the things I've heard people say about the larrikin songwriter/performer - but these people are in the minority. They must be.

Colin is Australia's #1 selling Christian artist. He is the #1 children's Christian artist, with seven top selling CD's and five DVD and video releases. He's an 8-times Golden Guitar winner. He's an APRA and ARIA award winner. He's a leading children's entertainer. The Sydney Morning Herald has declared him "...simply the best singer/songwriter to emerge in the Australian CM scene in the last decade." He has played with Lee Kernaghan, Troy Cassar-Daley, Melinda Schneider, Adam Brand and Beccy Cole.

Obviously most Australians must love Colin Buchanan (or just 'Colin', as he is known to thousands of Aussie kids.

We do.

Colin's album, BAA BAA DOO BAA BAA is the best CD I know for cementing memory verses in your kids' heads - or your own head, for that matter. It is a compilation CD, bringing together many favourite memory verses from Colin's popular Aussie Praise for kids releases, including Isaiah 53:6 (can you say it without the 'ooh' as the end?), Rev 3:20, James 4:7, the books of the Old and New Testaments and more.

Colin's live performances for kids are well worth making time for too. He toured in our area of Central Victoria earlier this year, visiting towns ravaged by drought. The sound of kids and adults singing "10, 9, 8... God Is Great!" and "Jesus Rocks the World!" off by heart - and at the top of their voices - has to be heard to be believed!

We started Colin's devotional, Remember the Lord, this morning. It's quirky, colourful, chaotic and fun...a bit like Colin, really! Colin describes his book as a cross between an activity book, a picture book and a songbook with a book of biblical devotions for families. That's a pretty good description too.

Colin is quite a gifted cartoonist amongst his numerous other talents, and he has put his pen to work to create a uniquely Colin collection based on truths from 14 of his songs. You will need to buy the Remember the Lord CD if you want to sing the songs with each day's devotion, and the words really add to the message.

Colin helps us discover more about God, His Word, His works and how we can place our trust in Jesus...no matter what! The book includes a CD of Colin reading sections of the devotional as well as singing five of his most popular songs.

The devotional is much more light weight that our usual fare, but we begin the long summer holidays in three more days and we were looking for something light and fun to fill the gap between serious school and Christmas devotions in a few weeks time. This looks like it will fit the bill perfectly!

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