17 Jun 2010

Biscuit anyone?

Playing with Playdough is still fun when you're eight.

What's your favourite commercial cream biscuit? Mine's a Monte Carlo, but I wonder whether at least part of my affection stems from the fact that it is the largest biscuit in the Arnott's Assorted Cream pack.

I always loved it when we went to visit friends and they served us Assorted Creams. We were allowed two.

Two Monte Carlos is actually quite a lot.

I was always a sneaky kid.


  1. Oh Jeanne,
    I have at least 6 cups of tea a day! And I usually have a biscuit with it. I think I started the biscuit thing when Faith was a baby and I needed a quick spurt of energy (that's my excuse anyway)So no wonder the weight isn't dropping off. hah I am trying to just enjoy my tea on it's own!!

  2. My kids love playdough. We made another bunch yesterday in th microwave easy. My kiddo's are 2 and 8 - a great rainy day activity.

  3. Not Tim Tams? That's what the Australians here in Japan rave about. :-) I bought a package just to see what they tasted like, and I couldn't stop myself. I stopped buying them because I can't resist the temptation....

  4. Both this post and the one below remind me of our amazing neighbor. She's made all the kids' birthday cakes (a sponge) ever since we moved in...and she's the biscuit queen. Her rules are you have to have two, one for each hand. There are no complaints from this side of the fence.

    random information but true :)


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