15 Apr 2012

John Harper's last convert

Can you watch this without tears? I couldn't.

Reverend John Harper died 100 years ago today.


  1. It's a great story isn't it?! Reminds me, in a funny sort of way, of Horatio Spafford.

  2. Start the day in a sobbing way...
    That's what I say.

    Thanks. I think. I started crying when he put his daughter in the life boat and kept on from there.

    Off to have a shower and recover. Love to think of meeting him in Heaven.


  3. This is totally unrelated, but I have found two Japanese books (well books by japanese) Totto-Chan: the Little Girl in the Window, by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, and One Man's Justice, by Akira Yoshimura.

    pm me at AHS :-)

  4. Yes - interested in both! I'll try pm-ing you!


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