19 Jul 2012

Today's random happenings

Doing lots of random stuff today. Here are some of our tasks:
  • Rearranging the jewellery drawer. Do you have one? Jemimah has always wanted to look through mine, and today was the day! There's nothing very valuable in there, but each piece has lots of memories and often an interesting story to tell because most of them were gifts from loved ones.
  • Filling lolly boxes. Our family business is 10 years old and tonight we're hosting a party for those who have helped us get to where we are. What's a birthday party without lollies...and a funny hat?
  • Trying to get to grips with a special project that I'm working on. I'm feeling very old and rather stupid. I am being reminded, though, that I can generally reach a decent level of proficiency in a thing - even an IT thing - if I set my mind to it. It is taking an inordinate amount of time to get there.
  • Booking a trip to Krakow. Yep, Krakow. With my mum. We are both very excited, and a little apprehensive. Have any of you been? I'm currently reading The Trumpeter of Krakow. Maybe Schindler's List should be next. Any other book suggestions?
  • Compiling a list of furniture to purchase for our business house after the flood. This is actually more fun than it sounds.
  • Searching for platypuses. They're frolicking in our river. We spent an hour or so yesterday looking for them without success. Maybe this will be the day!
  • Tidying up after Flossie. New puppies are very messy and very destructive. It is a good thing she is also very cute.
  • Changing the water for our tadpoles. That was a bit of fun! Hope they survive the move. It is tank water, and we left it to settle overnight, so hopefully there will be no nasty surprises.
  • Taking afternoon tea in the cubby - Twinings Raspberry, Strawberry and Loganberry flavoured Tea and Mint Slice bikkies (from a packet but yummy all the same). Our chapter from Beautiful Girlhood is entitled A Sunny Disposition.
  • Mixing up another batch of crumble topping for the freezer. We always make this in bulk and store enough for a single fruit crumble in press seal bags. Jemimah's our Crumble Queen. She finds rubbing the butter into the dry ingredients therapeutic, I think.


  1. Beautiful photo of Jemimah, love the look of those lolly boxes! Have a wonderful 10th year celebration tonight. xxx

  2. Another busy week for you! I used to love to look through jewelry as a girl. Mum didn't wear much but my older sister were a good source...sometimes I would even score a cast off!

  3. Congratulations on 10 years in your business, that is no mean feat! love the pictures of Miss J and the lolly boxes. Coincidentally, Rebekah was also looking through my chest of drawers where I store all my jewellery and other little bitty things - she found it all very interesting! :)

  4. Platypus! Oh that'd be awesome to see. But then so would Australia in general :)
    Congratulations on your business. 10 years...goes fast yet seems so long, eh?
    Have a great weekend.

  5. What a brilliant idea the bulk-crumble making is!! I'm totally going to try that, especially as we love hot fruit crumble for breakfast :)

    & congratulations on your business.

  6. Jeanne: I'm sure you know this but the only time I've spotted platypus has been either at dawn or dusk ~ their feeding times ~ & it has always been a long quiet wait for just a quick glimpse. I do hope you are blessed. I always get so excited when I see one!

    Star is our crumble queen. She does love a good dessert! ☺ Enjoy your party!

  7. We've just had a Polish priest stay in our parish for the last 2 months. We have had him out to dinner a couple of times and he sings the praises of Poland. The children are now interested in all things Polish, I'll have to get back to you regards books when I've finished searching too.

  8. Sounds like a fun day! Nothing too spectacular today...I did finish the 2nd book in Lewis' Space Triology...very weird, but very interesting at the same time. It's definitely thought provoking. I managed to avoid helping clean the children's rooms again for today. ;) I really should just do it. Then it would stop hanging over me. :-)


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