23 Oct 2012

Feeling crafty

Hello. If you follow A Peaceful Day on Facebook you'll know I'm knitting a scarf. This is it. I was given the yarn and pattern as a gift by my lovely friend, Karen in Poland, and she and I are knitting the same scarf, only in different colour ways. Our mutual friend, Phyllis is doing one too. One day when we meet again at a CLUSA conference in the States we're all going to wear our matching scarves and be triplets. Yep, we are. You'll be able to tell us apart by the colour. I'll be the one in turquoise. Aren't you glad you know the telling apart trick?

This is the first lace I've knitted for nigh on thirty years, I reckon, and I pulled the thing out 10 times before I finally got the knack of it. Grrrrrrrr. I kept mixing up the symbols on the knitting chart, you see, and at first I couldn't work out how to pull back the fancy stitches if I made a mistake, so I had to go right back to the beginning every time. I'm so glad Karen and Phyllis couldn't hear me muttering. If they lived closer they would have done. Anyhow, finally I coloured in the chart a little bit so it looks like this, and that made all the difference. I haven't made a single mistake since then.

I know. Famous last words.

Are you doing anything crafty right now? Hooky or knitting or patchwork or embroidery or needlework or anything? Perhaps you could post a pic too. That would be fun. You could post it on your blog, or you could post a pic to A Peaceful Day's Facebook page if you don't have a blog. Or you could post to a photo sharing site and post the link. I don't know. If you do, I'd love to take a look. You're no doubt far more talented than I am. I'm getting lots of satisfaction from this project, though, and that's the main thing really, isn't it?  That, and the fact that when I'm knitting, I'm remembering Karen and Phyllis and the nice time we had when we were together last month.  I like that. Nostalgic sigh.


  1. Loving the color of the wool...gorgeous. Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Yes it looks lovely and the
    patttern is pretty and delicate. You are fortunate to have weather to wear it in:-)

  3. Your scarf is just gorgeous. No, I'm doing nothing crafty. I learned to crochet several years ago, made several scarves and two ponchos over the years, and then did what I always do with new hobbies: I stopped. I haven't crocheted in about five years. Miss Priss told me yesterday she wants to learn to knit. Not sure how this will transpire, since I don't knit. Can she fly down to visit you and you give her a few lessons? She's a delightful child; she and Jemimah would get on famously.

    Just a thought.

  4. I love the pattern and colour of your scarf. Super lovely.

  5. This is my attempt at being crafty. http://journey-and-destination.blogspot.com.au/
    would like to do some knitting..

  6. I've finished mine! I think I have 28 pattern repeats...but I knit 38, and you know where the other 10 went. I knit the first 2-3 over about 3 times. Then I remembered the lifeline....so at least I never had to go back more than 1 repeat. This is the FIRST lace I've ever knitted, and I'm really proud of myself. And mine is green, so everyone can figure out which is me....:)


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