19 Jun 2014

Physics books in order

Sometimes I use my blog so I don't forget stuff. This is what this post is.

I have been really pleased with the way our physics books have worked, one leading into the other; knowledge building on knowledge. Here are the books we've used, in the order we've read them, just so I don't forget. Please notice that some of the books are not physics books, but they are useful in the next stage of physics study, so you sort of need them to move to the next level.

I'll try to write more about some of these books later, but at least I have them written down now. Maybe they'll be useful to some of you, too.

Just one more thing. Only the first two of these are official AO books. I take the blame for the others.


Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity by Robert Cwiklik - Physics

Secrets of the Universe: Discovering the Universal Laws of Science by Paul Fleisher - Physics

The Mystery of the Periodic Table by Benjamin D. Wiker - Chemistry

Who Made the Moon? A Father Explores How Science and Faith Agree by Sigmund Brouwer -Christian old earth creation

The Search for Planet X by Tony Simon



The Wonder of Light: A Picture Story of How and Why We See by Hyman Ruchlis.

A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking -Cosmology and Space

How Did We Find Out About Black Holes? By Isaac Asimov - Astrophysics and Space




  1. I have thinking about that post of awhile back from after you read the Violinists Thumb. In fact, I went back and re-read that post. I would love to see you write a follow up post on where you are now. I don't think I have the faith to read the Violinists' Thumb. I struggle so much with this issue. But every time I consider an old earth so many theological conundrums rear their heads and I retreat.

  2. Thanks Jeanne, I love following your recommendations... I will be getting the 3 titles I don't have yet! LOL. It may sound to far away, but hey, one of my girlies in in YEAR 4! Can you believe it?

    I am derailing your post, like Heather... I need to ask her what's up with the Violinists' Thumb, lol. Anyway, I am LOVING My Brilliant Career, and I am MAKING Heather read it urgently. I see Australia, and YOU, and, as Ganeida said, quirkiness and irony in the book... simply delightful. And my bought copy of Certain Lives arrived today, plus True history of the Kelly gang is waiting at the library too.

  3. We've so enjoyed our study of physics this year that we may just keep on going next year.

  4. Richele, we are doing integrated science right through. Physics will be every year!

  5. Maybe you could do this for biology and chemistry too. (hint hint ;0) )While I love science, you are so much more knowledge than I am I really value the thought you have put into the sequencing of the books to help the knowledge.

  6. Ooh, thanks for posting about The Wonder of Light! That's something my daughter has expressed interest in learning about in the next year and I was having trouble figuring out a good resource. This looks great, thanks!


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