18 Sep 2008

Singing psalms

Our church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia, practices exclusive psalmody, the traditional view of the Scottish Covenanters, so, of course, where the Ambleside Online schedule has children learning hymns, we learn psalms!

We use The Book of Psalms for Singing learning three psalms per term by heart. The tunes to all of the psalms from this psalter are online at psalter.org - a site dedicated to equiping people to better understand and use the book of Psalms.

Here is our list of psalms for AO1:

  • 147 A Praise ye the LORD
  • 135 Hallelujah! Praise the LORD's name!
  • 23B The LORD's my shepherd
  • 45A My heart doth overflow
  • 29B O give to Jehovah
  • 1A O greatly blessed is the man

We also sing psalm 139 in English and French to the tune Holley. Here are the words to the first verse for anyone who would like to give this a try. They are taken from Chantons au Seigneur, the psalter of the French RPC.

En me sondant tu m'evalues,
Tu me sais assis ou debout.
Mes pensees te sont bien connues,
Seigneur, c'est vrai que Tu sais tout.

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  1. Hi Jeanne,
    I have been looking around your blog since I found it through the Aussie Homeschool Bloggers. Thanks for having me!
    We also are Psalm singers and use the Scottish Metrical version. We are also acapella - and you?
    I had contact once with Rev. Ed Blackwood. That was through another Psalm singing post on a blog.
    Best wishes for Term 2. It is good to get to meet other homeschoolers in Australia.


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