6 Oct 2008

Kitchen garden week

kitchen garden

I mentioned that we modeled our kitchen garden on the program designed by the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation. Well this week, 6-13 October is Kitchen Garden Week!

The brochure has a great quote on what the Kitchen Gardens are all about:

A Kichen Garden is created to provide edible, aromatic and beautiful resources for a kitchen. The creation and care of a Kitchen Garden teaches children about the natural world, about its beauty and how to care for it, how best to use the resources we have, and an appreciation for how easy it is to bring joy and wellbeing into one's life through growing, harvesting, preparing and sharing fresh, seasonal produce.

...Not quite Miss Mason's words, but the sentiments, surely, would be shared by her, I think.

We have some exciting things in store for our Kitchen Garden this week. We'll let you know how they go!


  1. Hi Jeanne
    I read your posts on CMandFriends ANZ regarding an Australian Classics booklist and then checked your blog. Your blog is very well done, I am over 40 and have less skill than you show here.
    From following the AO link I realised it was a free curriculum so it has encouraged me to go further with it. My DD is in Year 1 and is a voracious reader and has outgrown her current curriculum. In contrast my DS (Kinder) prefers nature study and so CM suits him too!
    We already read lots and lots, I just wanted to say you encouraged me to open the door to CM instead of continuing to peek through the keyhole. Thanks. Terry

  2. Thanks for your nice comments, Terry!
    AO is fantastic, but is obviously written with an American bias. My aim with this blog is to explain how we are Australianising AO without it costing too much! I'll post some ways to get hold of the books soon!
    I'd love to hear how you go with CM


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