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Our daily schedule

Posted by Jeanne

There are two common questions on the AO boards. One concerns the placement of older children; the other is daily scheduling - what does your day look like.

We are quite a structured family, but a rigid schedule was never going to work for us. I have a full time (albeit flexible) job in addition to schooling Jemimah, and I knew that sometimes the demands of work were going to get in the way of any schedule I set up.

This is the weekly schedule I have worked with in AO1.

The days are labeled Monday-Friday for convenience. In reality, they could probably be labeled Day 1-Day 5, since it not often that we work on the correctly labeled day - things like public holidays get in the way. It doesn't really matter - we just work through the days until the week is finished.

There are 7 readings scheduled every week. If there are enough AO readings one week, then Jemimah is delighted to discover that there is time for a free reading choice during the day. I say delighted because she doesn't need to narrate free reads. She does narrate everything else.

Year 1 Weekly Schedule

The schedule allows a lot of flexibility while still ensuring that I don't forget anything. You will see that there is a time for composer study. In reality we listen to our composer every day during school, but once a week in this timeslot we listen to a Classics for Kids programme. During various weeks we read our children's book - this term we are reading The Nutcracker while we listen to the piece played with itunes on the computer and leave out the radio programme. I simply add in the reading after poetry each day reading one or two pages until the book is done.

Many people use checklists. I find that using our timetable we don't need to because by the end of the week everything is completed.

Year 1 Weekly Booklist

This shows our term three reading list. Only one book is listed as free reading because we had already completed the rest!

Each week we simply begin at the top and work down. We combine the two Aesops selections into one reading.

So that's it for us - easy!


Anonymous said...

Hi there Jeanne,
I have found it! Your organising ideas. Thank you. It looks pretty simple, but I can see you have put a lot of thought into it, especially with the addition of Aussie content.
I looked up Classics for Kids. What a wonderful resource. How do you utilise it? Do you just do the activity pages, and download the current composer's music?
Thanks again,
Cheers, Lydia

keri said...

This is a nice schedule for year 1...do you have one for year 5?!!

Jeanne said...

Sorry, Keri - just Years 1 and 2 so far...

My only advice? Simple and achievable!

Natalie said...

Hi Jeanne,

I know this is an old document for you, but Scribd is telling me that the document (Year 1 schedule) is set to private and I need a direct link to it.

Please, are you able to help?


Jeanne said...

Is it working now, Nat?

Josh & Lucila said...

Hi Jeanne, I'm sorry to pester you, but I've also had an issue with the Scribd weekly schedule link... I get a message to say the format can't be converted. Do you think this is a problem at my end, or something you could help me with?

Timothea said...

Hi Jeanne,
I am unable to view these two documents. Are you able to advise?


Timothea said...

Hi Jeanne,
I am unable to view these two documents. Are you able to advise?


Susan Priolo said...

Hi Jeanne,
Just wondering if you could upload another copy of the Weekly Schedule as it says it is no longer available and I'd really like to see it?

Unknown said...

Yes please, me too! Would like to see this schedule please?

Unknown said...

Yes please, me too! Would like to see this schedule please?

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