5 Nov 2008

Le Printemps

Le Printemps

Après tout ce blanc vient le vert,
Le printemps vient après l’hiver.
Après le grand froid le soleil,
Après la neige vient le nid ,
Après le noir vient le réveil,
L’ histoire n’est jamais finie.
Après tout ce blanc vient le vert,
Le printemps vient après l’hiver,
Et après la pluie le beau temps.

Claude Roy

I am loving Spring in our Central Victorian garden!

Roses in bloom

Children's garden
Lady Hillingdon
Alistair Clarke's floriferous Lorraine Lee smothering the tank
An unknown red hybrid tea

Front garden
Ballerina hedge underplanted with lavender

Pierre de Ronsard covering the verandah posts

Side garden
Buff Beauty with agapanthus underneath

Clair Matin smothering the arch

Albertine and New Dawn entwined on the water tank
Wedding Day galloping up the 70 year old pear tree
This unknown long stemed pink hybrid tea

Cottage garden
Mme Isaac Pereire
Queen of Denmark
Cecile Brunner
An unknown pink hybrid tea with untidy blooms

The White garden
Climbing Lamarque
Standard Iceberg
Mme Hardy with her lovely green eye

The Hot Garden
This pretty unidentified red floribunda mingling with the froth of pink valerian (love-in-a-mist)

An unknown red hybrid tea


  1. Jeanne! what gorgeous blooms. How beautiful a display. we are about to hit winter, so it is a treat to see such pictures

  2. hi! it looks like you have a really lovely garden. thanks for the link to your blog, i think i will enjoy reading about you :). see you sunday, probably?


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