11 Nov 2008

A Walk to Beautiful

Watch this video to learn more about my mother's passion, Catherine Hamlin and the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopia.

The Fistula Hospital , co-founded by Dr Catherine Hamlin AC with her late husband, Reginald, treats 2,800 women suffering obstetric fistula every year. The Australian Hamlin Trust supports this work to help some of the most destitute women outcasts in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Tonight I am attending a dinner in Geelong organised by my mother to raise money for this really worthwhile cause. Will you consider supporting them too? Click here to discover how you can help. (Today is Martinmas, so my friend Lynn tells me in her post, Preparing for Martinmas. It's as good a reason as any to help the work of this amazing woman today!!! )

You can read about Catherine Hamlin's work in her book, The Hospital by the River, but be careful - after reading the book and watching the video you may find youself as passionate about the work of this amazing 84 year old lady as my mother is!!


12.11.08 Postscript

Our dinner last night made over $8000.00! That is enough to fund operations for 7 women. Praise God for his goodness!

Our target is $100,000.00. Mum can't do it alone, but to quote Obama, "Can we do it? Yes we can!!"


  1. Another wonderful post, Jeanne. I am going to watch the video...

  2. I have heard before about Fistula's. What a frightening thing to happen to these women.

    God bless Dr. Catherine for this work that she does.


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