4 Jan 2009

And so it's back-to-school...already

We've been on holidays since early November. We've swum, had picnics, been on bush walks, slept late, done lots of gardening, read books - lots of books, and lazed on the back deck by the pool.

We've celebrated Christmas, spent time helping my parents, had a two week holiday away and just generally rested and recuperated from our busy year. We've had a wonderful time.

Tomorrow it's back-to-school.

So what of back-to-school traditions? I remember when I was young the first day of school brought with it much excitement and many self-created traditions. I loved shopping for new school books (nothing' s changed there...) and buying my new school uniform. I remember neatly packing my school bag with all my clearly labelled pens and pencils and covering my books with clear contact paper. On the Sunday night I would lay out my new uniform on my desk, polished shoes neatly placed underneath with fresh white socks inside, and the packed bag to the right. I could hardly sleep for excitement. The next morning I would be up early, and be dressed and breakfasted far earlier than necessary. I loved the first day of school. The funny thing is, I didn't have an easy time of school, and the days themselves don't bring such happy memories to mind, but oh the thrill of the first day remains with me to this day!!

Creating happy memories is important to our family, and family traditions are a great way to enhance that family bond.

So, wadda we do?

First, and most important is the first-day-of-school annual photo.

Have a look at my princess on her first day of AO0 - February 2007:

Here she is a year later on the first day of AO1 - January 2008:

Tomorrow morning we'll add 2009 to the photographic record.

We'll start the morning with a review of our new book list and schedule, and a prayer for the new year, and then over a pot of tea and some cakes we're going to open the stationery package!

Each year I make a trip to the shops alone during the post-Christmas sales to purchase some exciting stationery. No plain covered exercise books for us - ours are pink and purple. I buy new textas, fun pencil cases and cute rulers. Jemimah's nature notebook for 2009 is pink, and her presentation folders are pink, purple and green. They're great and she loves them!!...well she will love them...tomorrow...when she unwraps them.

I'm really excited about our new year of school. I look forward to sharing with you as our year progresses. I'll blog about what's going well, and let you know what we're changing if something doesn't work out the way we've planned. Stay tuned - AO2's going to be great!!


  1. we are back tomorrow, too. Hope you have a great first day, & looking forward to seeing another lovely photo.

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful school holiday!

    We too start another term tomorrow. My kids are in AO Years 5, 3, and 1. It is bittersweet when they begin reading the books on their own: I'm left out entirely.

    Thanks for all your encouragement through the MEP yahoo group. I meant to tell you that I found MEP through this blog! ;-) So, double-thanks!!


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