27 Feb 2009

Culture in the Country

The 17th Charlton Film Fest is on this weekend at The Rex Theatre, the last remaining intact or unaltered theatre of its type left in Victoria.

There are some great films on offer - The Painted Veil and Caramel are both on my list.

I'll see you there.

See, we're not all yokels in the country!!


  1. I just mentioned over at Leonie's blog how different it is down under to Bible belt rural middle America!! NEVER would either film ever even be heard of! Enjoy both for me! Thanks, too, for your kind words on my blog as I've been dealing with my out-of-control son. It's been calmer--but maybe because yesterday was my day off!

  2. Aah, not quite. My husband and I both loved The Painted Veil. W. Somerset Maugham is one of my favorite authors and a bit hesitant to see the movie but was quite happy with the results.

    Alas, Caramel will have to wait until my husband's next business trip.


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