16 Apr 2009

How I use Twitter

A friend's comment earlier this week about how much time Twitter could consume has got me thinking a bit about how I use it and the advantages it offers. I've seen it described as microblogging' and I like that description. It's sort of what I do.

This is what I like about Twitter:
  1. It is very fast and easy to post a quick update.
  2. It is good for posting links to articles I find interesting but which I don't plan to write a post on.
  3. I've put my Twitter updates in my sidebar under the heading 'What we're up to! Sometimes you'll get links to interesting articles or blogs; sometimes you'll get a little more detail about my life and my interests - all at the same time as you visit my blog. You'll get much more insight into what I'm doing by reading my tweets. .. much more whingeing too....
  4. Twitter doesn't take up my time because I am not clicking on tweets from my favorite magazines and blogsites. I only look at myTwitter home page when I'm updating my status. That may change if more people follow me, however. If that happens I'll reevaluate.

This is what I don't like:

  1. I find it hard to stay inside the 140 character limit when I want to add a hypertext link.
  2. It is sometimes hard to find people that I may want to follow but don't know their Twitter user name.

Twitter doesn't waste my time (so far) because I don't follow my fave mags or sites. I don't let it be a time waster. We'll see how I go if more people start to follow me.

If you want to follow me on Twitter my Twitter name is "jeannegrantwebb". I'll be tweeting on my upcoming trip to Hong Kong, Thailand and Bhutan. Be warned, you may get an attack of the wanderlust...


  1. hi! you are strong - {and i am really on my way to bed - really - i'll just read one more post - oh and leave one more comment - and ...}

    i get sucked into these things very easily. grew up in a techie-head sort of household. will be fun to 'see' you on twitter!

  2. Okay, Jeanne, used book fairs AND exotic travels?! How's the real estate in your area looking right now? :D


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