21 Apr 2009

Our visitors

This man and his lovely wife are our house guests for the next couple of days. Well actually, they may not be...my Mum and Dad, with whom they are travelling, just phoned to say they're lost, and don't know where they are for me to give directions!! Anyway, presuming that they do eventually find there way to our home, Rev Ken Smith and his wife Floy, along with my parents will be visiting with us. Hence the cleaning - and the cooking - and the washing...our last guests only departed on Sunday, you'll remember...

Ken and Floy are visiting Australia from their home in the US of A. Ken is spending three months as visiting pastor in our church while our regular minister is spending three months as a visiting pastor in Northern Ireland while their regular pastor is...well, actually I don't know where he is...

Ken has been a minister in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America for over fifty years. He is an exceptional man, with a wonderful gift for evangelism and discipleship. I am really excited to be able to spend time with him and his wife while they're here.

Ken has also agreed to lead our homegroup tomorrow night, which is exciting. If you're unable to join us for that, you can hear some of Ken's sermons online by clicking here. The Parables of the Kingdom series are the ones from our home church - if you're interested.

Ken and Floy have authored two books published by IV Press, and are the authors of a wonderful study book, Learning to be a Family, published by Great Commission Publications.

In their book, Ken and Floy challenge your family as a whole to rediscover its biblical foundations, and then help you to work together to build upon those foundations and to become the family that God intends it to be.

God intended that we live in families, but to see our families continue, we must walk in his ways. We must fear God and keep his commandments. That is what Ken and Floy's book sets out to do - to encourage just that.

It's a great study - and they're great people - if they ever find their way through the countryside, I shall enjoy their visit very much.


  1. Couldn't resist sending this link to Jemimah--a squirrel video!

  2. Thanks, Lisa!

    Very cute. Do squirrels really come in to homes like that, I wonder?

  3. I'm sure you are enjoying your visitors. Always such a blessing to extend hospitality or receive it!


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