1 Apr 2009

Poisson d'avril

One of the nice things about studying a foreign language is being able to selectively adopt another country's fêtes et festivals for your very own!!

Poisson d'avril is one of our favourites - so much better than April Fool's Day!!

For one thing, the day involves eating chocolate. Our chocolate fish are Murray Cod made by Haigh's. You can read about this iconic Australian fish on their website here. Unfortunately...or perhaps fortunately, our chocky cod have grown to only 20 cm in length, far shorter than the 1.8 m the native variety reaches!! Anyhow, they taste great.

We send the traditional poisson d'avril post cards too. We use this virtual site, and send greetings to all our French friends. Aren't they hilarious?

The fun of the day comes from the tradition of attempting to attach a paper fish to some-one's back without being noticed. Mind you, it is hard to keep a straight face when somebody's back starts to resemble an aquarium!!

Here’s a video about le premier avril with a song all about a little fish who is in love with a little bird...as you do!!

Joyeux Premier Avril!

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