3 Apr 2009

Show and Tell Time

So folks, It is here. Exam Week.

I just love the way that Examination Days feature up there amongst Jemimah's favourite days ever, whereas they were amongst her mother's most dreaded. Jemimah loves showing off what she's learned! We even do them in the holidays - shock, horror!

Charlotte Mason's ideas about exams remain as revolutionary in the 21st Century as they were in her day. The questions are broad and open and allow Jemimah to explain what she knows with enthusiasm. There are no fill-the-gap questions, and no right answers. There is no cramming - in fact no studying at all. Phew!

CM exams are not simple though. How do you think you would go with Jemimah's first grade exam?

We'll be doing exams right through until Easter, and will use our normal timetable. That means that Scripture will be examined first thing in the morning, and Maths will be examined last. That's how our normal day goes.

There is more about exams here.

Exam Questions Year 2 Term 1

1. In your own words, tell as much as you can remember about Moses and the Exodus from Egypt.
2. Scripture catechism questions on Moses – can you remember them all?
3. Tell me the story about Saul on the way to Damascus.
4. Can you remember your Scripture catechism questions about Saul?


1. Recite Exodus 20: 1-17 to Daddy.
2. Westminster Catechism questions. How many can you get right?
3. Can you say the plagues of Egypt in order?
4. Récites Jean 14:6 en français à Maman.


1. Write the alphabet in lower case letters in your very best writing.
2., Please write, using your very best writing: “The five boxing wizards jump quickly.” Watch punctuation, slope and spacing.


1. Read for 5 minutes from The Courage of Sarah Noble (600L)
2. Read for 5 minutes from The Borrowers (760L)

Australian History

1. Tell me the story of Trim, Matthew Flinders’ cat.
2. Illustrate one of his adventures!

World History

1. Draw me a picture King Henry and the story of the “White Ship”.
2. What can you tell me about knights in the Days of Chivalry?
3. Tell the story of the little Duke, Richard, and how he came to be Duke of Normandy at such an early age.
4. Why was everyone concerned when the King of France came to visit Richard and what happened?
5. Illustrate one of the following:

a. Charlemagne, encourager of Christian education for all;
b. Alfred the Great Christian King; or
c. Anselm, Dreamer, Monk, and Archbishop of Canterbury.

6. What can you tell me about William the Conqueror??
7. What do you remember about Leif the Lucky and why is he famous?
8. Can you show me on the map where his voyages took him and tell me the names of the countries?

Natural History and General Science

1. What two families form the order Insectivora? What does the word mean?
2. Tell as much as you can about another family that eats insects and can fly.
3. What has been your favourite nature study topic and why?
4. Draw a picture of this animal / plant and label it in French.
5. Show your nature study book to Daddy and explain it to him.
6. Show your Astronomy notebook to Daddy and tell him some amazing things about your favourite planet.

Literature and Tales

1. Tell the story of “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” or “Romeo and Juliet”.
2. Tell the story of how Betsy celebrated her birthday and the terrible thing that happened there.
3. How was Betsy a different girl at the end of the book from Elizabeth Anne at the beginning?
4. What happened to Pilgrim at the Palace Beautiful?
5. Tell the story of one of the following:

a. The zoophyte and the Corallina seaweed in the naturalist’s office in “Knowledge not the Limit of Belief”;
b. The travellers and the will-o’-the-wisp in the “The Light of Truth”; or
c. The Autumn storm and the moon in “A Lesson of Hope”.

Australian literature

1. Tell about when Del met Bushbo.
2. Draw a picture Del and Bushbo in Willie-willie’s chariot.
3. Please retell your favourite Australian legend and what it was trying to explain.
4. Can you draw a story of your favourite?


1. Complete review sheet 160.
2. Complete French maths sheet – L’anniversaire d’Anne.
4. Count as high as you can in French in fives.
5. Recite your nine times table.


1. Listen to the story of Jacques et Claire à la Maison and narrate in French.
3. Sing the song Où est Mimi in as many rooms as possible.

Picture Study (Pieter Breugel)

1. What is the name of the artist we studied this term? Where did he live?
2. Describe your favourite picture from this term's picture study and explain why you like it.
3. Can you think of any others?

Composer Study (Bach)

1. What is the name of the composer we have been studying this term? What can you tell me about his life?
2. Tell me how the Goldberg variations came about.


1. Sing all the songs from this term in front of Daddy.
2. Play three songs on the recorder, including one that uses your new notes.


1. Show Daddy how to make an origami crane and a jumping frog.


  1. Sounds really great! I am really looking forward to our exam week for it will be our first one we have done since truly understanding Miss Mason's methos of examination....very exciting! Looking forward to reading Jemimah's answers.

  2. What a great exam week - I especially like French 3!

    I had never had an exam week but you and Jemimah inspired me. Max had his math exams yesterday which he thoroughly (I mean really, thoroughly) enjoyed and excitedly told his father about them this morning.

    It's so nice to have you and Jemimah one year ahead! Thanks again Jeanne.

  3. Wow! Great questions. I dread giving these. 1st term this year were awful--predictable since it was a short term, fresh from public school. Last term was perfectly acceptable, except no idea on the composer [she hates classical music still]. This term may go better. She got her Memory Poem [we finally did it--last exam from term 2] and Memory Verse [Lord's Prayer] perfectly. This time I'm adding 2 maps--one of history, one of Canada.

  4. I just discovered your blog after searching for exam examples. Thanks so much for sharing and helping the rest of us! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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