24 Apr 2009

Sorry, we're in the Garden

Jemimah in a sea of brown daffodil bulbs waiting to be planted

Now that the rain has come, we're busy planting Spring bulbs:

250 King Alfred daffs
100 Dutch iris Discovery
100 Bokassa tulips
100 Muscari in blue
100 hyacinths

That should keep us busy...

PS Note the hat? That's for Hopewell mum!


  1. oh, wonderful planting Jeanne! What an array of colour you will have, come spring time. (It seems so strange to say that, as we are currently enjoying spring)

  2. LOL!! I DO like the hat!! I can't wait to see all those beautiful flowers! We're doing plants and flowers right now in science ["Considering God's Creation"--which we've loved.] Please post pictures of all that color and joy [with J in a hat in it of course!]

  3. Have fun! We're working on our veggie garden. Lots of work to be done!


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