15 Apr 2009

Spoiled for choice...

Where will you be during the weekend of May 2-3, 2009 - The Williamstown Literary Festival or Back to Booktown 2009?

I'll be at Booktown. Read what the website says:
Clunes Back to Booktown on 2-3 May will see a record number of 62 book stalls set up in the historic gold town – bringing together the largest collection of second-hand books ever gathered in one place in Victoria.

Booktown Artistic Director Dr Tess Brady said with 15 more stalls than last year, the town would be jam-packed with books over the weekend. Around half of the traders are new to Booktown.

“Our visiting traders are bringing collections of all types of second-hand, collectable and out or print books,” Dr Brady said. “That’s about 30,000 books all within around one-kilometre, spread in and around our historic buildings. It is really exciting to see the number of great booksellers growing to ensure we have a great event. It is also pleasing to see the event attracting new traders."

“This event is going from strength to strength and really taps into that passion that booklovers have to immerse themselves in literature and old books.”

30,000 second-hand books...Be still, my beating heart...


  1. Fantastic! Would of loved to go!

  2. Oh - you are going to have such a great time! Were I in Australia, I'd choose Booktown as well. I will happily imagine you there :)
    Only 17 more days...

  3. I am totally there with you in spirit!! Oh, how I wish I could teleport!! :D

  4. hello Jeanne
    hoping that you may be interested in this...




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