28 Apr 2009

When cyberspace & reality collide

One of the unexpected bi-products of blogging in Charlotte Mason cyberspace is the network I've developed with wonderful kindred spirits around the globe.

On Saturday night we were privileged to be able to celebrate a special birthday with this lovely lady and her family and friends. I got to know her through a CM yahoo group and subsequently through my blog. We hit it off immediately. She continually inspires me with her amazing love for her Lord and for her family, and with her enthusiasm for life and learning. I am proud to call her my friend.

Sarah has recently begun documenting her homeschooling journey at Eternity in Your Heart. Do drop by and wish her a Happy Birthday. As a new blogger, I'm sure she'd appreciate your encouragement.

Sarah and I live at opposite ends of the same State of Victoria - about 10 hours apart. We've met up twice now in Melbourne - almost the halfway point - and I hope to continue to be able to see her and her wonderful family a lot more.

Another lady whom I've come to call my friend is Richelle, who blogs at Barefoot Voyage. Richelle and I are less likely to meet up in real life - she lives in the USA, but this doesn't make her friendship any less real. Jemimah loves to read what her sons Max and Luca are up to, and runs to the computer to check out Richelle's photos of their latest exploits. Like Sarah, I love Richelle's tranquil Godly nature and her commonsense mothering advice.

An exciting package arrive in the mail last night. It was addressed to Miss Jemimah, and was from Max and Luca. Here is the all the excitement that only a parcel can bring in pictures:

Jemimah (in her jarmies) unpacks the box...

The wonderfully arranged contents reveal themselves.

Wabi sabi chocolates for me. Imagine - Chocolates made in America using French recipes and a Japanese aesthetic. Does Richelle know me well or what? They come from here.

Here are some of them close up.

The two boys had written in and illustrated wonderful cards.

There were fossilised sea lily stems packaged in gorgeous origami packages made of beautiful patterned paper...

...which Jemimah couldn't resist modelling as a hat.

Finally, there were two wonderful books from Richelle's home business, Barefoot Books. Here is Jemimah checking one of them out. (I'll post about them separately!)

Richelle, Max and Luca, you are incredible. Wow!!

I have met so many wonderful ladies since I began my adventure into blogging. I regard many of you as much more than just readers, and I really appreciate your friendship. I continue to be awe-inspired by your enthusiasm, your support and your willingness to share your life with others. Thank you all.

PS A special mention to those ladies who follow my blog. That is an incredible compliment to me. Thank you so much.


  1. Hi Jemimah-
    We like your pajamas! You can use the origami packages as bookmarks now, too!
    Love, Max and Luca

  2. Thank you so much for coming on Saturday night! You are a very special family and I love you heaps! Every body loved your company! xxx


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