1 May 2009


No blogging today.

My little Jemimah is ill.

I'm playing nurse.

Hopefully she'll be better tomorrow. It's the weekend - doesn't she know that it's illegal to be sick on a weekend?

She's not one to sit and watch the tele...she's building a 'Monster in a box' from her wonderful Paper Toys kit... oh - and calling for the nurse...

...gotta go...


  1. Usually Saturday is a very good medicine. Keep a cheerful heart and do not let the nurse get run down. Give our love to Jemimah.

  2. Sounds like a cool book. Funny, in homeschool B is never sick. In public school she had a horrible head ache every day either from school or the bus. And,yes, I think it IS illegal to be sick on the weekend unless you are the breadwinner when it's REQUIRED that you ONLY be sick on weekends!! lol..

  3. I hope Jemimah's feeling better soon!


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