15 Jun 2009

In a bad mood

I just spent several hours blogging about our trip to the Dali exhibition at the NGV and it has disappeared. Kaputsky. It is enough to stop me blogging for ever.

Do take your kids to see the exhibition though. It's good. Dali's weird; the exhibition is too, but good weird, not warped weird - you know what I mean?

I'm going to watch some mindless television and sulk now. Don't try to talk to me - I won't answer.

I may cry though.


  1. Awww, that is really annoying!!! Please to see you have blogged again so quick...you have made a triumph xxxx

  2. That is very frustrating. As one who battles technology all the time I truly empathize! I trust you have somehow have been able to restore it? And if not that you will at some time be able to redo it. Think of your fans!
    Now, was it worth it? The mindless TV show? Probably more satisfying to blog, eh?


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