12 Jun 2009

Reading out loud

This is just priceless...

You know, I always thought I was pretty good at telling Children's Stories. Wrong. This is how it's done...

I totally underestimated We're Going on a Bear Hunt when Jemimah was a preschooler. I thought it was twaddle. I was wrong...again. Years later, she can still recite it word perfectly - not as well as Michael Rosen, but pretty well. It has certainly made a lasting impression on her.

Here is my confession in writing:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt is truly a Living Book. I'm sorry I never bought it for you, Jemimah...

Don't leave this off your list, will you?


  1. Love it! My dad used to d a variation of this with me and my cousins when we were little -- such fond memories. I never even knew there was a book!

  2. Hehehe - that's a great song for kids!

  3. I love it too!
    I worked in a kindy BM (before marriage) and story telling was one of my favourite things to do!
    My girls have borrowed a lot of kids books from home to read to their little guys and they tell me they find themselves using the same expressions I did when I read to them :0)

  4. LOL - he does it awesome, doesn't he?

  5. One of our favourite books! My hubby does a great action-telling of it! In fact we even performed our own take on it as a family this year, as part of a talent show with relatives. One day I may show you the video! Play School has a fantastic telling/acting of it too, with George, John, Noni and others - you'd love it.


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