23 Jun 2009

Thimphu slideshow


  1. That is spectacular! The colours are just so vibrant. Since you guys are in the pics I think you've made the slide show? Very clever.

  2. I linked and made a slide show :0) not as clever as you I'm afraid. I could get it to paste on my new post page but kept getting a sign that part of the code couldn't be used on blogger? did you have troubles?

  3. Ruby, I'm going to make a couple more, so I'll take note of what I do and let you know.

    My only problem was that at first I used too many images and the programme created copies of all my photos, which I then had to delete one-by-one. Well, hubby did, so he's not too happy with me.

    I'll get back to you.

  4. I appreciate that! Thanks.

  5. Jeanne,
    I got the slide thing worked out! Fairly easy once you know how. I haven't done anything fancy with music etc but I loaded all our reunion pics on various slide show lay outs and posted them on our family blog.
    My sibs think I am so clever. Let's just let them think that way!


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