6 Jul 2009

Congratulations, Jemimah

...The Shorter Catechism was gone through regularly, each answering the question asked, till the whole had been explained, and its foundation in Scripture shown by the proof-texts adduced. It has been an amazing thing to me, occasionally to meet with men who blamed this "catechising" for giving them a distaste to religion; everyone in our circle thinks and feels exactly the opposite. It laid the solid rock-foundations of our religious life. After-years have given to these questions and their answers a deeper or modified meaning, but none of us have ever once even dreamed of wishing that we had been otherwise trained. Of course, if the parents are not devout, sincere and affectionate, - if the whole affair on both sides is taskwork, or worse, hypocritical and false, - result must be very different indeed!

The Story of John G. Paton by Rev. James Paton 1901
There is a certain well dressed bear around here right now. Her name is Bessie, and she's wearing a smart denim skirt, red and white Tee, and sparkly red 'Dorothy' shoes with roller skates attached.

Bessie's new clothes come as a very special reward for a young lady who really deserves some recognition for work well done.

On Friday of last week, Jemimah correctly answered the first half of the Westminster Shorter Catechism perfectly. That's 54/107 questions. Without a mistake. Wow.

Don't forget, she's 7.

See how you'd go:

Congratulations, Darling One. Your Daddy and I are very proud of you... Now on to the last half!!

There are more thoughts on catechising here.


  1. Congratulations Jemimah!
    None of us can claim that level of achievement but I do highly value the catechism.
    I reckon that knowing the Psalms and the Catechism, which is a summary of christian doctrine, are both great basics to carry through life.
    Keep up the good work.
    Oh, and that is indeed a very fine looking teddy!

  2. What a very cute bear. Well done to you Mummy for instilling such great truths into your daughter and well done Jemimah for remembering all those imortant questions. The challenge now is to apply them in our lives, one thing to know, another thing to do! That's what I tell myself and my children anyhow! xxx

  3. You're quite right, Sarah. That's why I put John Paton's comments there at the top. What we've done is only the beginning. The explanation and the application must come next, "or the whole is merely taskwork, or worse, hypocritical and false."

    What a challenge.

  4. Congratulations, Jemimah and Jeanne, as well, on all of the hard work!


  5. Jemimah, what a super job you did! May those truths serve you well and may your knowledge become your experience in life.

    Jeanne, I am sure you and dh will be blessed greatly in return for all that work as well. There is so much freedom in the Truth.


  6. Great work, Jemimah!!! You are a better Presbyterian than I ever was!! That was really a lot of hard work!! PS--the bear is darned cute! Love the skates! Where's her hat? :)

  7. Way to go Jemimah! I am very impressed. We are plugging away at it, but no where near half memorized. I'd say that is a well earned prize. May those truths of the faith take strong root in your heart.

  8. Well done Jemimah! You will be grateful to your parents when you are older and still able to recall all those wonderful questions & answers, understanding them better all the time!

  9. Thanks everyone. We're really proud of her. Come to think of it, she's rather proud of herself!!


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