28 Jul 2009

Juggling lots of balls

I think if I could be characterised by one word, that word would be...


Mostly that means I'm organised - mostly. Generally that means I'm a good time manager - generally. Always it means that I can juggle lots of balls - wife, mummy, friend, homeschooler, blogger, cleaning lady, cook and gardener. It also means that I can do all that to a fairly decent standard and hold down a full time job as well. It doesn't mean that I can do craft, or sport, or dance, or bake bread, or public speak. Those things require skill, not efficiency...

One of my secrets is the option of doing much of my paid work from my computer and telephone right here at home. I like my work and the mental stimulation that it provides. I also like my work colleagues and I value their friendship. Mostly it keeps me out of mischief, but not out of control.

Unfortunately, the problem with juggling is that sometimes the balls drop, and what is left? An inefficient mess, that's what...

The next ten days are going to have a lot of dropped balls...

Tomorrow I'm heading to Ballarat for a business meeting that runs from 6.30pm tomorrow evening until about the same time on Thursday. Mum and Dad will meet me there and take Jemimah to spend time with them, and I'll collect her from Geelong on Thursday and take her to Melbourne with me. On Friday we'll attempt to complete this week's school work. We'll stay in Melbourne for Sunday School and a birthday party Sunday afternoon - Daddy can drive down and meet us there on Friday night.

Next week gets worse. You'll find me at the office. (That's my workstation on the left in the pic.) All week. From 8:30am till 7:00pm. Jemimah will be there too. Generally we have three administrative staff at work, and I act in an extranumerary capacity as their manager, but not next week. Next week, I'm it - Kathryn's in France; Bronnie has a CWA conference; Lynne's at a golf tournament. That leaves me - doing three jobs, plus my own - as well as schooling Jemimah. You can see how many balls I'm going to drop.

So here's what I think I'll do (just thinking out loud): If I drop the blog for next week, and use some of the frozen meals I have in the freezer, that'll help a bit. I'm up to date with the washing, and I can finish the ironing this evening when Jemimah is in bed and her Daddy is at his badminton championship. I can prepare some meals for the days that hubby is home alone, this evening as well. I have a house guest arriving next Tuesday evening (Yes, I omitted that fact above, didn't I?). Anyhow, perhaps she can take Jemimah to her dance class on Tuesday and Auskick on Thursday. I can probably fit in lunch with her at least twice as well. The guest room is ready - I'll just give it a quick spit and polish on Monday night, and I'll tidy a little before homegroup on Wednesday. Perhaps she can help!

Really that just leaves school. I am reluctant to give Jemimah a week's holiday for two reasons. Firstly, she'll be at work with me anyway, and it will be totally boring if she is stuck there with nothing to do. School will give some structure to her day, and something to keep her occupied. Secondly, next week is the final week of Term 2, and on Friday she leaves for Falls Creek skiing with her Daddy for ten days. It would be a pain to have to finish school on her return.

I have been trying the last couple of days to do a little more than normal. I can do that tomorrow morning and Friday too. That should get her a little ahead. She can do copywork, music practice, nature study, and much of her MEP maths independently. I can read her read alouds to her during any quiet moments and hear her narrations, as well as work through her maths. Devotions, memory verses and singing can be completed before we leave in the morning. In between she can do TimezAttack on the computer and watch a French video or two. She can illustrate her Pilgrim's Progress scroll and do picture study too. I think that should work. Perhaps I could organise a playdate one night at a friend's house?

Lots of mums work as well as teach their kids. What do you do? Can you help? Does anyone have any bright ideas for me? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Otherwise, I'll see you whenever I get a chance. I like to blog. Maybe I'll drop in!!



  1. hello :)

    i am exhausted for you just reading about your next few weeks!

    will see you sunday hopefully :)

  2. LOL - exhausted is a great word for finding out all that. I didn't know you worked as well. That is a lot to juggle.

    I'm interested in what you are doing for Pilgrims Progress. We started something with that once upon a time ago. Wondering what you are doing with it. :)

  3. Ha! didn't you know about my Pilgrims Progress fetish? I blogged about it here:


    There you will see the original version we are reading. We have divided it into 36 portions and read it weekly. After, Jemimah draws a picture onto a huge roll of Ikea paper and is making a scroll of Pilgrim's journey. We love it!!

  4. I too am exhausted and my head is aching. Jeanne, where do you get the energy? Is this you and hubby's business or your own thing? 3 staff. That's big time!
    Jemimah sounds like she will be well occupied.
    I will commit you to the Lord and trust that he will sustain you.
    Sorry about the moderation on my blog. I have it on the older posts.

  5. What's your job? Don't be offended, I just assumed you were a SAHM for now! Great work keeping that all together!!

    Now, for today's glaring cultural difference--your hubby's "badminton championship"????? No man, I mean N.O.N.E. here would even admit to ever playing badminton!!! It's, of course, a super, high-energy racquet sport, but here in Southern Ohio it's a game played in the backyard with nine kids on one side and Grandma and Uncle Jimmy on the other! I LOVE to play, but seriously I have to play against the cats!! Hope the Tourney goes well!

  6. I agree with the others, exhausted.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  7. yes, I agree with the others, exhausted I felt reading your blog but I am not surprised as I was telling my dh about you last week and how you seem like such a capable and intelligent woman. You are like my pastor's wife Amy!
    I do work from home but only 5 to 7 hours but am also very involved in ministry in our church and the ball that got dropped recently was my blog and my emails! I figured they were way down below on my list of priorities. Besides I only have two or three followers:)
    I knew you worked as I saw it on your weekly schedule for Jemimah somewhere on your blog. You are one superwoman Jeanne!

  8. The only advice I have is to call on the Lord often. We also have a "check in" around noon to consciously reconnect with Him.

    Did I misunderstand, are you not going skiing?

  9. Oh Joyfulmum, I am so not a Supermum!! I am such a work in progress...

    You're right, Richele - Jemimah and her Daddy ski alone...I visit used book shops, sleep and read. I love a week to myself! Hey maybe this year I can blog!!

  10. Jeanne, OHH.. to have your efficiency! Were you born that way or have you learned it? If you have tips, would you be willing to share them on your blog?
    God bless your week and enjoy your break after.

  11. Oh jeanne,
    I haven't been back here for awhile and I'm sorry. I was just so thrown by the picture of your study that I was unable to venture here again for feeling like a dreadful failure.

    But I got over it...eventually. And no, I will NOT post a picture of my study or desk area. Some of you gals are just way to uncluttered and tidy for the likes of me.


  12. Susan!! That is not my study!! It is the office at my work!! The study at home is not neat. It is not uncluttered and it is not tidy. Maybe one day I will post pics. And maybe not. it might just give some of you the ...um...right impression!!

  13. Oh wow, okay...dopey me!

    And um, I was only kidding about not coming back to your blog because of it. I've actually been sick with a horrid lurgy and it's kept me out of action.

    Whew, feeling a little better right now... lol


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