22 Jul 2009

More nostalgia

I think I'm on a bit of a nostalgia kick this week. I promise that I 'm working on something a little more substantial - it'll be up shortly...

Thanks for indulging me.

Little Boy Lost by Johnny Ashcroft was a smash-hit when it was first released in 1960 at the time young Stephen really was lost. It went on to become the third-biggest selling single in Australia's record history, topped by The Pub with No Beer and Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport.

At the height of the song's popularity, the nation was shocked by the kidnapping and murder of young Graeme Throne. To spare Graeme's family further distress, Johnny Ashcroft and EMI records withdrew the song from the air and from general circulation.

The video is from the 1978 film, Little Boy Lost.

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