20 Jul 2009

My confession

There is a thread on Facebook right now asking homeschool mums this question:

How many moms here have never owned a denim jumper?

Um yep, that would be me. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I actually had to google 'denim jumper' to see what one was. For the rest of you Aussies, it's a pinafore...

I have a dreadful confession to make though: I do own Birkenstocks. Four pairs.

(One pair is in Melbourne...)

I have a feeling that that might be bad.

My daughter has some too:

I think that might be 'worser'.

My uniform is jeans, tee shirts and my birkies in summer, jeans, polo neck jumpers and my high black boots in winter. (You Americans might have to google.)

So, for those who have met me 'in the flesh', do I look like a homeschooler?

What about you? What's your uniform? I'd love to know!!

P.S. During my google search I came across this:

Recently I attended a state homeschooling convention. At least half the women there were wearing denim jumpers and had lots of children with them. If I decide to homeschool, will I need to buy a denim jumper and triple my family size?

Well, it depends. Some homeschoolers like to be non-conformists. In order to identify yourself as a non-conformist, you will need to wear the right kind of denim jumper, never cut your hair again, and have a larger than average family. All the boys will need to wear slacks and dress shirts whenever you're out in public, and the girls will need to wear denim jumpers or pretty flowered dresses. Of course, if you don't care about being a non-conformist, this doesn't apply to you; you're free to dress however you choose.


  1. Okay, my confession.
    One of my maternity dresses was a "denim jumper" or as you said a pinafore. It got a fair amount of use in those years!
    Not intentionally, but I would say the unofficial home schooling mum uniform around here is a denim skirt and leather sandals or flaps. When I go shoe shopping my girls will point out that I am looking at home school mum type shoes and encourage me to diversify. I wear denim skirts about 80o/o of the time :0)

  2. it is pretty funny that in order not to conform to the mainstream humans still end up conforming in some fashion, whether to identify themselves with a certain subculture or group or for whatever reason. just shows we do have a social nature and want to be accepted by others, i guess. or denim is really just that comfy.

    right now i am in my jammies and bathrobe with mismatched bed socks. i think if i home schooled i may never wear anything else. as it is, i believe even though our girls will most likely attend a school, it is still my job to home school them anyway. (see, i'm identifying and striving for acceptance here ;)

  3. So, Jeana, Do I look like a homeschooler?

    (I think you always look gorgeous!!)

  4. Haa Haa. Okay, I do own a denim jumper or two but rarely wear them. My uniform is jeans or jean capris, collared t-shirts (like a polo), and flip flops. In the winter, I might dig out the clogs but I live in Southern California and it doesn't get that cold.

    I don't see very many denim-wearing homeschooling moms here. Maybe because it is so hot. It's 43.3 celsius today.

  5. Have I mentioned that those are the most uncomfortable shoes ever put on the face of the planet? LOL

    What if I confessed that I bought them just because homeschool moms are *supposed* to wear them? Of course, no one would ever do that...would they?

  6. Oh yeah, I have a uniform lol. My black jeans with a tshirt is common but also my 3/4 length pant with a workout tshirt.

    Shoes are either thongs in summer, sandals, runners or crocs. I love my crocs! They are so comfortable.

  7. Ah yes, crocs. Jemimah has them too. I haven't quite caved to pressure. Maybe next summer?

  8. Hahaa, I've been wearing them for years, despite the many guffaws from my family members. I value comfort over fashion any day! (I actually get very sore feet so affordable and durable footwear is a priority for me).

    My daughter now wears my crocs when I don't...and I bought my husband a pair which he wears after the day's work...but they don't love them like I do.

    Go on Jeanne, you'll be glad you did. :)

  9. You've made me laugh...it's scary what people think of us hey! Hmm.. no denim pinafores for me, i'm happy to say! I tend to live in my trackie pants, cargo pants or jeans - shorts and thongs in summer, uggies in winter though (now there's a confession!). I will break out and wear a skirt now and then much to the amazement of my hubby! I do have 6 kids though, and a vegie patch, and chooks, but i don't bake my own bread (and my hubby was one of 6 so I can always blame him!) When I was pregnant with our 5th child a friend laughingly told me that i had officially 'crossed the line' - i presume she meant from normal to kooky - LOL!

    Melanie x

  10. Oh, you made my day with this post! I was laughing so hard my dh who is at home on holidays wanted to know what it was about:) Anyway, in my hs circle I haven't come across many, in fact none that wear a denim jumper (yes I had to google it too - to see what it was referring to):)
    I would say I am definitely a non-conformist in that I am homeschooling an only child - very rare indeed - but in terms of fashion just like homegrownkids I go for comfort more than anything.
    In winter, it's jeans with jumpers, or a jacket if I wanted to maybe "dress up" a little and in summer it's the shorter version of both, i.e. shorts/ 3/4 pants and t-shirts or a blouse/tailored shirt to 'dress it up'. I can't remember when I last wore a dress or a skirt unfortunately and much to Ron's dismay as I think he secretly likes me wearing them:)

  11. one more thing - I've started noticing how in general young daughters have the same hair style as their mums. I started noticing this a couple of years ago when I looked around to see how other little girls wore their hair in order to get some ideas for Rebekah's. Now that's a funny and scary one as well to take note of!

  12. Laughing, this post brought a big smile on my face. When my husband and I first decided to home school, we went to a local home school group, denim skirts, long hair, many children abound. We stood out badly. We did not join that group. It is a inside joke for us any time we go and visit with family who do not approve of our choice to home school. We keep saying we will show up one Christmas visit with denim skirts and slacks.
    We are tennis shoes, flip flops, shorts, blue jeans, t-shirts, even tank top wearing home school family.
    I had to Google, jumpers, and high neck jumpers, and uggies. Thanks for such and enjoying post. Many blessings.

  13. Well....I don't own a denim jumper but I do wear skirts almost exclusively. I took Trinity Mommy's challenge for a few weeks of skirt wearing and it turned out my husband and boys so adore me in skirts that I never went back to pants. Really, the benefits are amazing :) I even have a "work skirt" for gardening.

    Summer uniform - Prana pants with a tee for my walk. I stay in this until after breakfast and husband is off to work. Change to skirt and top. Winter I wear wool leggings or tights under my skirt. Footwear is almost exclusively Keens of some sort as I have a very active/extreme husband & children to keep up with either canoeing, hiking, or puddle jumping

    I'm sure we don't fit a mold...my hair is worn in a super-short pixie but I do make my own laundry detergent. Maybe I'm a denim jumper-wearer at heart :)

    Jeanne, you always somehow look quite chic even in jeans and a tee in your pics.

  14. This has got to be one of the funniest posts I have EVER read!!! You had me laughing.

    And, umm, I have homeschooled here in the states for 10 years and don't own a denim jumper either. I don't think I 'look' like a homeschooling mom, nor do my kiddos. That us... going against the grain, I suppose.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA
    p.s. I might have to have my readers come check out your post, b/c it was just too hilarious.

  15. I always see the denim jumper paired with cuffed white socks white keds sneakers or Easy Spirit shoes and bad panty hose. Birkenstocks are out of the price-range for any Mom driving a 15-seater. I also see the denim jumper as the uniform of Quiverfull Moms or Quiverfull-ish Moms. Unschool or liberal homeschool Moms wouldn't be caught dead in that burka-like thing anyway!! lol... Of course around here Apostolic women dress like that all the time--no matter if they homeschool or not.

  16. Hee Hee, I think some of the comments here are funnier than the post!!

    Hey, Richele, I shall have to edit my photos carefully if I am to keep up that chic image!!

    (PS Veronica, it is nice to have you here!)

  17. I hate denim. Is that ok? LOL. I'm more of tracky type of girl, except when I'm pretending to be a "lady" in a skirt. Dresses look shocking on me. LOL. I need to be comfy in my clothing.

    For feet wear I get around the house in socks. :)

  18. I don't think I've ever owned a denim pinafore but I do like denim skirts. Mine all need replacing which would mean taking to the sewing machine since they're not a currently available fashion item. I am wearing a pinafore as I write this though - it's a short black one that I wear mostly over jeans and it is my current favorite piece of clothing! It's comfortable and warm (I'm in Tassie) and I just feel a little more feminine in a bit of a skirt. I took to wearing more skirts and dresses when I was trying to encourage my tomboyish girls to be more feminine. I'm not sure it worked in terms of their fashion choices but they manage to always look beautiful anyway.


  19. Very funny post, LOL and I learned something new; a denim jumper is nothing like I thought it would be!

    Needless to say, I don't own one and after seeing them I can confidently say that I'll never be a true homeschooler. I'm a strictly jeans & t-shirt kind of gal ;)

  20. hahaha thanks Jeanne.

    you are too funny :)


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