24 Jul 2009

Reflection and refraction

This is what I can see from my window this cold winter morning. I thought it was beautiful.


  1. How refreshing Jeanne! Glory to God for His incredible masterpiece of creation!

  2. What a beautiful start to your day and a beautiful ending to mine.

  3. Jeanne, what a gorgeous display! As far as your question on my last post, here goes:

    Usually it is a piece of cake to get a birth certificate here. You have your baby in the hospital, fill out the paperwork and they send it to you in the mail. However, since Isabella wasn't born 'anywhere', they need lots and lots and lots of proof that we didn't sneak her in from somewhere else, I guess, and try to pass her off as our own. My husband is an attorney and deals with all kinds of laws and such on a daily basis, and even he is saying this is going to be quite a pain to get done. Another thing our little girl wanted to make a story out of, I suppose. Thanks for asking... I thought some people might wonder.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  4. Stunning!
    Capturing those rainbow colours was very clever too.
    Sometimes God's glorious creation just stirs us. "The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handywork."

  5. Truly, beautiful pics!
    I visit here often, but don't leave many comments. I have been looking over your info on MEP, and wondering if it would be right for my children. I love all the great info that you've posted about it.

  6. How beautiful your view is!

    We simply need to look to find the beauty in His Creation.

  7. Absolutely breathtaking. You captured God's beauty perfectly. Thanks for sharing your inspiring views.


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