18 Aug 2009

The Bathers

Sidney Nolan's The Bathers 1943 National Gallery of Victoria.

Here's a narration from Jemimah's AO2 Term 2 examinations, which started today. (She's in Grade 1). She has been covering Australian artist, Sidney Nolan, for picture study, and was asked to describe her favourite picture. She chose 'Bathers' pictured above. She hasn't seen the picture since she studied it for two weeks several months ago. This is her answer:

Describe your favourite picture from this term's picture study and explain why you like it.

I like the swimming pool one.

I like it because there are lots of nice colours and the people in the background seem tiny when really they are big and the people that are close look too big.

There is a swimming pool and it has people beside it. Some are lying down enjoying themselves and sunbaking, but some people are swimming. There are red, blue and white flags in the distance and close up. There is a man who looks like he is naked! (That's a bit naughty. Perhaps you shouldn't put that.) There is a man in the background who is climbing up steps and it looks like he is climbing up to a lighthouse. There is a man in the water and it looks like one of his arms has been chopped off.

Do you know what I noticed? The water is a bright blue but normally water is a whitey colour. The ladies who are sunbaking are under an umbrella. One of the towels is red and white and the other one is blue and white. That's all.


  1. A very good description their Jemimah...well done! xxx

  2. very cute and good observations.

    when I read the title of your post i couldn't help but think of my nani ...

  3. I like that picture and love the narration. Were you surprised by her pick?

    Question: AO2 Grade 1 - How many years of primary/secondary in Australia? Was AO1 considered kindergarten?

  4. Lovely--esp "sunbaking"! What a wonderfully descriptive way to put it.

  5. Great discription!
    My children always end with "That's all." too!

  6. lol It is a bit naughty! I find her choice interesting. What attracted her to this particular painting?

  7. Jemimah was intriqued with the odd perspective in this painting. The idea that the people got smaller while the decking boards and pool edges stayed the same was the subject of a lengthy discussion. She also liked the bright colours.

    I probably expected her to choose one of Nolan's Ned Kelly paintings, but in hingsight this one was probably easier for her to remember because we discussed it in more detail at the time of study.

    I like it too. Nolan is a fascinating artist.'I' have enjoyed studying his work this term.

  8. Ok, I often like odd paintings but I confess this one did nothing for me so I was very curious as to what she found attractive about it.

    Art appreciation is one of those areas I have had to let slide. Ditz paints & draws very well ~ & enjoys it so our art is restricted to that. We have our hands full with regular academics & music & Ditz prefers to *do* art rather that view it.

    Thank you for indulging my curiosity. ☺


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