27 Aug 2009

Ends and Beginnings

Something pretty funny happened yesterday. Well, I thought it was funny, so I thought I'd share...

Last night our homegroup finished a ten week study called The Blueprint by Matthias Media.

Next week we begin a new study on Revelation written by our minister.

Yesterday morning Jemimah finished a 77 day study for Devotions called The Big Book of Questions & Answers by Sinclair Ferguson.

Today we started Discovering Jesus in Genesis by Susan Hunt and Richie Hunt.

Yesterday I finished (yay!) my Welwyn Commentary on Judges and Ruth Even in Darkness by Gordon Keddie.

Tonight I start Doing a Great Work by Stan Evers. (Aren't you proud of me!!)

Last night we finished our family devotional, My Picture Story Bible by Dena Korfker. It's over 500 pages long - we've been using it for more than 18 months.

Tonight we start The Tent of God by Marianne Radius. (Catherine and Geerhardus Vos' daughter.)

What are the chances of all of these coinciding on the one day? Pretty huge, I reckon!!

Just for completion because it didn't happen yesterday but on Sunday, we completed our Adult Bible Class study on the Life and Influence of John Calvin.

Yep, you guess it - on Sunday we'll start something new!!

Watch for some reviews coming soon!!


  1. Well, of course nothing happens by chance.
    Marvellous providence, Jeanne!!

    You guys have covered a heap of very interesting stuff, too.

  2. What wonderful studies and how incredible and magnificant is our God!

  3. Wow! That is no coincidence!
    And what amazing books too you've been reading!

  4. Looks like some meaty study going on there... simultaneously! My kids and I loved Finding Jesus in Genesis (and Exodus). We've been through that one twice.

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  6. Blogger joyfulmum said...

    HI Jeanne,

    sorry, this question is late after your post: do you use a picture bible in addition to reading straight from the Bible with Jemimah or instead of?
    I am thinking ahead to next year: we have promised Rebekah Bible (a beautiful pink princess Bible she chose herself:)) for her 6th b/d and thought we could read straight from that,it's a NKJV. Any thoughts?


  7. Hi Joyfulmum,

    We used the picture story Bible for family devotions after dinner. We pray, sing a Psalm or ten (!) read a story from the story Bible and then ask each other comprehension questions. Each person asks a question, youngest first. We love this, and some of the questions are great!! We finish with prayer.

    Before school we do private devotions. In a year or two Jemimah will do this alone I hope. We currently use the Discovering Jesus in Genesis for this.

    As part of school we read straight from Jemimah's pink! Bible. We use the NIV. (The NKJV would work just as well.) Jemimah narrates what we read and we run through some simple Scripture Catachism questions on the passage. I think it is important for her to hear the rich language of God's Word directly.

    Perhaps I'd better blog on this to better answer your question, Joyfulmum. Next week - okay?

  8. Thanks Jeanne for your detailed reply and yes, a blog on that would be greatly appreciated here:)


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