20 Aug 2009

Falls Creek 2009


  1. Wow..that is awesome! Joshua & I loved the videos! Jemimah went so fast...fantastic stuff!

  2. Whoa! I've never even seen snow let alone skied. That looks like a ton of fun! Very well co ordinated Jemimah!

  3. oh she does it so well. I really loved the videos too.

    Was this Jemimah's first trip to the snow?

  4. Wow, the photos were awesome! I had a go at skiing, but was very uncoordinated - it looks easier than it actually is.

  5. I've never been skiing, but I would love for our family to be able to go sometime! Wonderful pictures...looks like so much fun!

  6. I found your blog looking for information on Charlotte Mason. What a fun trip! Sitting here in 100 degree weather in California wishing that was me in those pictures...

  7. and well done to Jemimah's daddy for being able to ski backward and film!

    Max said "We need to go to Australia to ski with Jemimah!"

    Now the boys want to see "Swimming and MEPS."

  8. Hi Therese, Jemimah and her Daddy go skiing every year. They started when she was four, so this was her fourth year.

    I was impressed at the skiing backward bit too, Richele. I can't ski either, Ruby, but love seeing what they get up to!!

    Wasn't the sky blue!!

    Hi Brandy and Joelea, thanks for dropping by. Hope you found what you were looking for Joelea. We love CM! Hope we see you both back again.

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone else. Love you all!

  9. I like the videos of this blog..


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