29 Aug 2009


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We're off to the Pancake Parlour for lunch.


A visit to this Melbourne institution was one of my favourite treats as a child - it has been going since 1965 - and it's now one of Jemimah's as well. Like me, she loves playing chess at the giant chess board and reading the funny menu. Dining is certainly not boring at the Pancake Parlour!!

I still have the same thing I chose as a child of seven: Jamaican Banana Pancake and a Muddled Lemon to drink. Yum.

What's your favourite? Do you still go to one of your childhood restaurants?

Another thing - why, when we've eaten out at some of the best restaurants in the world, do we still love a pancake chain? Perhaps this is a deep dark secret that one shouldn't admit to in cyberspace?

Oh well...


  1. I wish we had a pancake chain like that here in America! It looks fabulous! What is a muddled lemon?

  2. Hi Joalea! (I love your name!!)

    It's a home-made lemonade. Delish!!

  3. Oh, that looks divine! Our pancakes this morning did not look like that.

    I am racking my brain to remember what restaurant I went to as a child that might be worth longing for, but I just can't come up with anything. About the only "restaurant" I miss from the US is a fast food chicken place called Chic-fil-A. They have the best chicken sandwiches ever, and I get a craving once in a while.

  4. Hi Sue,

    Our family miss our favourite tonkatsu restaurant in Kyoto. I get desparate cravings just thinking about it!!

    Have some for me, and I'll have a pancake for you. No Chic-fil-A around here sorry.

  5. OOh yummy! SOunds absolutley divine! We had pancakes yesterday to celebrate my dd birthday!

  6. Yum, Yum, Super-Yum! We had pancakes yesterday to put under the blueberries we'd just picked. We may have them again today after your post.

    We would stop at IHOP or Int'l House of Pancakes when we were traveling on vacations as a child. I remember it better than the vacation destinations.

    I didn't grow up eating at restaurants but my grandfather would take us to the local drive-in every other Sunday evening for a frosty mug of rootbeer. I loved everything about that - from the waitress' change belt to the tray on the car window.

  7. Sydney used to have a pancake place we used to love. Our Christmas breakfast is a variation on their pancakes with maple syrup & toasted walnuts. Very yum.


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