1 Sep 2009

Plum Blossoms

Happy First Day of Spring!!

We call this Jemimah's Tree because it's outside her bedroom window.

Isn't it beautiful?


  1. OH how I would love a tree like that outside my bedroom window! It is beautiful. Does it smell lovely? Happy spring1 Blessing to you and your family. Warmly Skye

  2. oh HOW GORGEOUS!!!
    Must be a beautiful sight to wake upto each morning!

  3. Happy Spring! I agree, what a wonderful first sight in the morning.

  4. Happy Spring! I love plum blossoms. Our last name has the character for plum, so it's kind of special for us. Yours is simply beautiful.

  5. What marvelous beauty for Jemimah to arise to each and every morning...during Spring anyhow!

  6. That tree is gorgeous!
    I don't think we have those here.


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