19 Aug 2009

The Seige of Calais

The Siege of Calais, Versailles 1838 François-Edouard Picot

Tell the story of Edward III of Windsor and the Siege of Calais.

Edward III was very happy but he was not quite content with what he had. He wanted Calais. Calais was a town in France. Many people lived there so Edward guessed that he should not try and fight because they would be too strong and would fight him back and win. So he decided he would stop their food from being able to come so that they would starve to death and any that were left would give up and go to him and say that they were his. So he blocked off their food by making a camp around them. This way they could not get food and the people who imported food could not get in and give the people their food.

And so one by one people found that there was no food in their house. They said, “Only eat one meal in a day, then we will have more food.” But that didn’t work very well, and eventually they had no food at all and were forced to go to the King of England for help and to beg for mercy.
Some men were chosen to go and the way they did it was they announced in the market that there was an announcement and the Governor came out and said, “My dear friends, we have been forced to give up six men to give to the king. He has said we must.” Everyone started to cry. Then out of all the tears and worried people and sorrowful men there came two men. “I will go. It seems a pity to have to give up a whole town for just six men,” they said. Then came more and more, until finally there were six men ready to give themselves up for the rest of the town. So they chose to go.

Then the signal was sent that six men had been arranged. One of the knights came and took them and the Governor said, “Whatever he does with them, please try as hard as you can to stop the King from killing them.” The knight promised he would do his best in his power and then he set off with the men, ready to give themselves up. The King was pleased, but as soon as he had his power over them he said, “Executioner! Put them to death!” Everyone pleaded that he would not kill them but he ignored them as if they were mice. Finally the knight who had promised begged and begged but the king ignored him too. Eventually his wife the Queen fell down on her knees. She had never asked anything of him before but she felt it would be worth giving it a try. She said, “Please husband, save them. Save them all.” “My dear, I would do anything for you. Here, they are yours.” Then she gave them a good supper and sent them away to another country far away.

So Edward III became King of Calais.


  1. Homemade brownies after a narration exam. Those skiers should know the truth about why you educate at home.

  2. What an excellent narration! And I learned a piece of history I never knew before. Thank you for sharing.


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