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Serves me right

Posted by Jeanne

Hey, you know those barrier things that they have along the sides of shopping strips to stop you crossing at the wrong spot? They have them opposite Readings in Lygon Street.

It was raining cats and dogs this afternoon, so I thought I'd just squeeze through the barriers and gallop across the road to my favourite bookshop - you know how it is.

I was standing there waiting for the traffic, and then just as I was about to make my dash, one of the barriers jumped out and hit me. Hard. I swear it! One moment it was standing there behaving itself as barriers are supposed to, and the next, BAM! There is is hitting me across the knee!!

It's true!

You should see the bruise.


Timmy's Girl @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...

OOH...ouch... I totally believe you, Jeanne. Those barriers are mean suckers. How dare it attack you like that!

xoxo, Veronica in CA

Jeanne said...

Cruel of it, wasn't it!

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jeanne,
OUCH! I hope that your knee gets better quickly.

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