8 Sep 2009

Great Aussie Living Book Give Away

I feel a need to give away another book today as part of A Peaceful Day's Bithday Celebrations. So this will be The Great Aussie Give Away #2.


It's another goodie, too. It is Matthew Flinders by George Finkel, one of the fantastic Australians in History Series. It suits about 8-10 year olds, I'd guess. When, oh when, will somebody republish these great history books?

Once again this give away will run for a week. I'll draw a winner at about this time next Tuesday night. To enter simply leave a comment on this post before 6 pm (AEST) on Tuesday night.

Cool with that?

The winner of The Great Aussie Living Book Give Away #1?

Wy-Lah now has a new home in the beautiful far eastern corner of Victoria with Sarah and her wonderful family. Congratulations, Sarah. I'll get this into the mail for you in the next couple of days. I'm so glad it is you who won!!

Hip Hip Hurray!


  1. Oh WOW...how stoked am I to win the first prize!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Jeanne! We have a lot of black cockatoos here and we luuurrrve them, they are my dh's favourite bird

    How did you do the draw?

    Love Sarah xxx

  2. I'm glad it is you too, Sarah. I simply wrote each entry down in a list and used a random number generator from Random.org to select a number. It was 17 and that was you. Cool, eh!!

    I guess this means you're entered for #2 as well, eh?

  3. Congratulations Sarah!

    How generous you are, Jeanne, to open such wide spaces for others with your living books.

    Have a peaceful night as well!

  4. Good morning, Jeanne,
    We would love to win the Matthew Flinders Book here!
    My entry in in. Have a great day.

  5. oh, I'm so pleased Sarah won it!
    Does this mean I get an entry into this second draw:) ?
    I love this sort of stuff and thank you Jeanne for your generosity!

  6. I appreciate your generousity too - and would love to enter for your #2 book give away also.

  7. I'd love to enter! I'm in the US...is that ok? Sounds like a great giveaway. Very generous of you!

  8. Hey, if you are willing to ship to Canada - I'm willing to enter the draw!


  9. Oh! I thought I'd missed it, but it is this coming Tuesday?

    Hurray :)

    problem with doing stuff in a reader sometimes i guess ...

    see you soon!


  10. Hey Jeanne - what an inventive idea you have with these fabulous book give-aways. How generous of you! Please count me in this week's entry.

    PS. Congrats Sarah on winning last week.

  11. Congratulations Sarah!
    I would love to win a great "Aussie" heestory book. I went to school in Australia for fours years and I am sure that by the time I left school back in NZ I knew more about Aussie history than NZ history. Must remedy that!!


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