26 Sep 2009


Going to drink champagne.

And eat hotdogs.

With cheese.

Does that count as a serve of dairy?

What about the tomato sauce...is that a vegetable?

Yay Geelong!!!!!!!!!


  1. what a GREAT game of true football! Did you see my status for facebook and twitter??? I really was going to put 12 points but thought nah I go an odd number!! Pretty good huh? I want some glory too...kidding..lol! I am excited for the boys though! WIsh I could celebrate with you, champagne and hotdogs sounds good..even though I don't eat hot dogs! I am really babling on now! Miss you! xxx

  2. It was a fantastic game and the ending was superb. I was on the edge of my seat until the last mark.

  3. The Regan Administration famously classified ketchup [i.e tomato sauce] and pickle relish as vegetables in the school lunch program, so sure, it counts as veg!


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