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Pride comes before a fall...

Posted by Jeanne

The carrots in the kitchen garden were ready for harvest. They were looking pretty good too. We had carrots, broccoli and silverbeet. We even had the bay leaves and tarragon that I needed for the hollandaise sauce. I was feeling cocky. I was far too pleased with myself, to be honest.

What an amazing meal we would have from our own produce, I thought.

I crumbed the chicken, made the sauce and prepared the veges. All I needed to do was peel the potatoes and we'd be set.

I went to the pantry cupboard, and that's when I realised. No spuds. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. I'd forgotten to buy potatoes. The supermarkets close at 6:00 pm around here too.


Next time I'll admire my dinner when it's on the table - not when it's still in my imagination.

We had rice.

Oh well.


Tracy said...

LOL...oh you poor thing...I bet it was still delicious!

JEN said...

Haha - you're a crack up. Your veggie patch looks very well set out & thriving though so you're doing pretty good. Perhaps you can find a spot to grow potatos??? Hehe

Homeschoolmum4Christ said...

Hi Jeanne,
The vegetables that you showed looked absolutely delicious, and I'm sure that the meal would have been delightful.

Richele said...

Your garden and vegetables are beautiful. I licked the screen.

Had my garden looked like yours I would have been a sure goner.

Hopewell said...

Veggies look GREAT! You must be even further out in the boondocks than we are!! Our little store is open till 11!!

Huhtala Family said...

What a beautiful garden you have! I did carrots this year but they were very bitter. I wonder if I picked them too soon...or maybe too late?

Ganeida said...

Your veggie garden is in better shape than mine. I'm about to replant. I don't do carrots though. They just do U~turns here.

Rice is good ~ & better for you too. ☺

Mrs Adept said...

Rice is still a very good filler. :) Loved your garden, how awesome is that~!!

Sue said...

Oh! That sounds like something I would do. The difference is that our corner store is open until 10PM, and I have an always willing 10 year old boy to run and get what I need (as long as it's not too exotic, mind you!). Your veggies look beautiful!

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