21 Sep 2009

What's your poison?

So. The smalls are in bed and the dishes are done. It's Mum and Dad time.

What's your poison? Mine's Twinings Lemon and Ginger. It's naturally caffeine free and low in calories, but that's not why I drink it.

I drink it because I like it. Mmmmm, tangy refreshing lemon and warming spicy ginger. If it happens to be healthy then all the better. I'm all for good health if I don't have to work for it.

Sometimes I have a second cup. Sometimes I have a chocolate on the side. Just one. An imported one. I like my chocolate ritual as well. I like my tea better though.

Hubby likes Twinings Lady Grey. Bergamot with hints of oranges and lemons. He likes it with milk. Odd, but there you are. He likes a chocky too.

So what about you? I'll need to stock up on some so that it's ready for when you come. What do you drink when the house is quiet and all is calm?

Do tell.


  1. I'm a coffee with cream and sugar gal myself. HOWEVER, I do love a cup of rasberry or orange flavored tea. My husband can't stomach the taste of hot tea. He's missing out isn't he?!


  2. I can't drink tea so it's coffee for me. When I'm feeling really decadent & the kids haven't discovered the icecream & devoured it all I add a dollop of icecream to my white sugared coffee. Mmmmm.....

  3. Well, mine is ordinary old tea, I like our Choysa brand, with milk. I drink it all day long :-/ With a piece of chocolate when I can, or my favourite RJ's natural licorice!

  4. I like Bigelow Decaf Spiced Chai with a splash of milk...after all work is done, of course!
    I'm gonna look for your tea!

  5. I just can't start the day without my cup of Dilmah tea. No sugar but a little milk perfects it. Lately my eldest and I have been enjoying an Earl Grey together in the afternoon. So lovely to bond over tea.

  6. well, It depends on the situation. I try to drink water throughout the day. I love freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.
    At bedtime it has to be Dr Stuarts Valerian Plus & for the evening?
    Pimms & lemonade of course! yum ; )

  7. I love to drink water now but use to hate it.

    My favourite drink is coke zero. I also like the hazelnut lattes that Nescafe put out.

    Like your husband I love lady grey but we rarely buy them.

  8. Durint the day I drink coffee and hubby drinks tea. But for our night cap we boht drink tea. He has a piece of fruit cake but I don't normally eat then.
    I love to have a lemon tea or other bebal teas but if I want it made for me I just go with regular :-)
    Your pantry's going to be packed!

  9. Hope you can decipher!
    both and herbal, too much going on in my head this morning!

  10. Lol, Ruby - perhaps it's time for that coffee!!

    I'm a bit like you, actually - the tea fairy brings me a cup of English Breakfast Tea in bed, but after that first all too important heart-starter, I'm a coffee girl all the way. My machine clicked over 17000 cups last week actually . I have my final coffee with lunch. In the arvo I drink water - until the late night brew when Jemimah is in bed.

    I love it!!

  11. My choice of poison is usually based on my available sweet. If it's shortbread, I'll be having a cup of "London Cuppa" - an extremely robust (ie strong) blend of Kenyan and Assam black tea. If the shortbread has been dipped in chocolate it's coffee with cream. Candied ginger? Tea. A slice of Bete' Noir? Coffee - black.

    Oh, but you asked about evening when all is calm. That would be gunpowder green for me and red rooibos w/ white tea for husband.

    I am usually not smitten with fruit teas but have not been able to get Harney & Sons' Paris Blend (Black tea blend with vanilla, citrus and a touch of bergamot) out of my mind as of late. I'll have that with a side of honey to spoon straight into my mouth, not into the tea.

    Like you, I'll have a coffee chaser after tea in the morning.

  12. I mostly just have a coffee. :)

  13. My usual poison is coffee or a pot of tea.
    I have been known (wink) to enjoy a glass or two of red wine of an evening or the occasional mug or two of Irish coffee.:-)

  14. I hope you can remember them all Jeanne!
    As for me, it's Rooibos all the way!
    No caffeine and doesn't taste like most herbal teas (which unlike you is not my poison at all:))
    A bikky wouldn't go astray either:) Shortbread, scotch finger, (and recently into digestives)!

  15. Hi Jeanne,
    I drink Milo - one sugar and plenty of goats' milk, as I can't drink tea or coffee.

    It's a privilege to get a hot Milo, so when the children have gone to bed, my hubby makes me a nice hot one, and I can sit back and enjoy.


  16. I'm very particular about my drinks - usually take my own teabags whereever I go - but can tolerate 'normal' tea is someone has gone to the trouble to make it for me. My favorite is peppermint but thats because I can buy organic Tasmanian that smells and tastes just right and at night is a relaxing drink. Roobos I like too. Green tea with jasmine is pretty good - though I'm still trying brands to get one I really like. I like twinings lemon and ginger, and their speamint and camomile, and raspberry and peach! Maybe I'm not fussy afterall? Coffee is for cakes! but even then it will keep me awake longer than I want to be as does chocolate. I have a thing about trying to only consume teas, coffee and chocolate that are slave free.

  17. Daintree Tea Leaves, from the heart of the Daintree Wilderness in Far North Queensland, at this time of the night (10pm)... refreshing and delicious - free of insecticides and fungicides. Must infuse for at least 5 minutes. This tea doesn't interrupt my sleep for some reason.

    I'm very fond of Twining's Lady Grey, too, but again, it must be the leaves.

    Dilmah tea leaves help my brain connect with my body early in the morning, along with a couple of slices of rasin toast.

    Then an hour later, a coffee from our 10th weddding anniversary gift - a Sunbeam Cafe Latte machine. The crema is so wonderfully flavoursome and rich, sprinkled chocolate is a thing of the past. A classic Lemon Meringue Pie is my absolute favourite accompaniment- saved for birthdays. Otherwise a nut bar in the morning works well at the moment. After two coffees, I feel human enough to get on with the day. I won't touch the freeze dried coffee, its just not worth it.
    PS you must try the Daintree Tea - and no, I don't own the company!


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