15 Oct 2009

Central Perth

A little bit of Tudor England in the heart of Perth, London Court is gorgeously kitch retail walkway built as a combination of residential and commercial premises for wealthy gold miner and financier, Claude de Bernales, in 1937. It's a must see tourist attraction right in the middle of the city.

Nowadays, it is Perth's old rag-trade district, the 'West End' that is the place to see and be seen. King Street contains the 'labels', both international and local with Gucci on the corner and the recently opened Tiffany and Co. further along. Sadly the budget didn't lend itself to a three carat diamond pendant on this trip though...

Zekka has great coffee that we can afford, and intriguing menswear that we probably don't want to. Not quite the kind of stuff I can imagine my beloved wearing anytime soon - click the link for their blog to see what I mean. Love in Tokyo, on the other hand is just my style. Sheree Dornan's funky store contains lovely kimono prints and super Japanese East-West fusion style. Loved it. Loved the Sheree Dornan signature label silks too.

We headed around the corner to Shafto Lane for a 'burger as it should be' from Burger Bistro before wandering back to our hotel for an afternoon nap to allow our food to digest before dinner. We were staying at The Richardson, and their beautiful restaurant Opus at The Richardson is one of Perth's most glamorous dining experiences. They're child friendly too, with a kids' menu containing more than nuggets and chips, and understanding waiters.

You certainly need more than a day to properly explore Perth's city, but we saw enough to know that we'll be back.



  1. Wow Perth looks interesting - I have always told myself that I NEED to get over there... The best holidays are right here in Australia sometimes :)

    So you homeschool?? That's amazing..! What foreign languages do you teach your children if any?

    Cheers ,

    Linda :)

  2. I just checked out the Zekka link. You and I must both be marrried to 'real men' Jeanne. There's no way my man would even step foot inside that store. Ever. Nooo.!
    I may have one or two 20-something nephews who wouldn't mind though (shh).
    LOVE the look of your hotel! Now that I could do!! :)

  3. Love the look of that restaurant..very snazzy! xxx

  4. I used to love going into the Haymarket in Perth just for the delicious aroma of the Vietnamese food, but that was many years ago. Needless to say, I used to buy my dinner there, too.

  5. Wow - you make Perth look so grand and beautiful.

  6. Wow! I've always wanted to go to Perth, now you've given me some good places to check out too over there!
    BTW Zekka is definitely not something my dh would wear either:)

  7. Now, I'd better stop reading your blog and get back to doing some work:)

  8. Hi Jeanne, Rebecca just told me you were in Perth and posting so I came to look. We are in Perth for our last night tonight, 18 October, before moving on to Margaret River tomorrow and then all the way back across the Nullarbor. How amazing to think we may have passed each other in the street!(and disappointing!)We're staying next to the Swan, looking out onto that wonderful cityscape.


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