29 Oct 2009

Getting creative!

We've been having a whole heap of fun playing with Crayola's Digi-Color application since The Book Chook told us about it a week or so ago.

Below you'll see one of Jemimah's creations, followed by one of mine.

You can choose from any of Crayola's pens, markers and crayons in many different colours, and tip sizes from the pop-up palette, and then left click on the page to start drawing. You can even print what you've drawn.

Jemimah says the programme is "great!"

I say that is a little hard for left-handers. Like the rest of the world, Digi-Color is designed for the right-handed majority, and I had to move the mouse to my left hand to put in any fine detail. Even then it is a bit wonky. Oh well, Gen Y will always be better on a computer than I am.

There is lots of good stuff on the Crayola website. We signed up for the monthly e-newsletter, which gives us the heads up on what's new for each season. Of course, being in Oz it is always six months out, but the holiday stuff still works, right! Pop over and have a look around. It's fun!!


  1. Cool...will check it out! Nice pictures by the way, it's good to have 'fun'! xxx

  2. That's grouse. Love the bright colours! I'll be showing this site to my kids for sure! Thanks!

  3. Sweet pictures.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art on-line has a fun one to go along w/ an interactive kids' class on Van Gogh's drawings.

    We'll be home late on the 30th EST. Not so much as a cough out of Max here in the country.

  4. Hi Jeanne,
    That looks like so much fun, and the colours are great.☺


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