21 Oct 2009

I have nothing to say.

Truly nothing. Which is surprising, because generally I have plenty. Today I have no Aussie book reviews, no funny stories, no homeschooling tips, and nothing to show you from our recent holidays. I guess you're all sick of reading about our time away by now anyhow.

I have plenty of posts half written, and dozens in my head, but today I can't get myself inspired do the research to get them to the 'publish' stage.

So anyhow, I thought I would hand the baton to you. Are you a lurker? If you are then there are lots like you. Who are you? Why do you visit? Introduce yourself and start a conversation. Ask me a question. Tell me what you wish I was writing on. What do you hope you'll find here when you type A Peaceful Day into your browser?

If you can't be bothered doing all that, then I guess I'll be back tomorrow. A Jeanne with nothing to say can't last more than a day or so...can it?


  1. Ok, I get to be first. Tell me more about curriculum planning. How do you decide and what do you change? What do you do on what day and how long? That was more than one question. Sorry.

  2. oh you :)

    i just like that i can say hello to you here and in person sometimes too and hope i can also be an encouragement to you. xo

  3. that wasn't supposed to rhyme.

  4. Nothing to say?
    but, may I say, you said it so well!

  5. I find your posts interesting & well written even when they are on a topic not really applicable to me. Things I know nothing about are of particular interest. You say nothing rather well. ☺

  6. Guess what, I do have something to ask. I have begun a list of 'not to miss children's books' for my children to read. Would you be so kind to list, just off the top of your head 5-10 books that you would place on this list. That would be so cool.


    Sarah xxx

  7. You have a lovely blog!

  8. Hi J's mom,

    Lovely to hear from you again!! Thank you for your nice comment about my blog.

    Don't be a stranger - do drop by again soon!!



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