27 Oct 2009

Mt Korong

Do you ever get the idea that our nature study days are really just excuses for picnics outside?

No!!!!! What ever gives you that idea?

This very important educational excursion to Mt Korong even allowed a discussion about Major Mitchell, so there you are - nature study, history and physical education!

Of course its not about the food.


  1. Hi Jeanne,
    No, of course it's not just about the food - food for thought!

  2. Wow! That looks like a lovely spot for a picnic.... I mean nature study!

  3. Sigh....we've had a lot of rain here so not much nature study / picnic / fun outside happening at the moment!
    Nice to see the great pics of your "picnic" though:)

  4. You have to eat lunch somewhere! Glad to see you are helping with the weed eradiction - picking those cape weed flowers before they go to seed. It's a major problem here in Tassie too.

  5. So, what was for lunch?
    Looks like a nice spot and no dishes to wash. Definately could hear the old Witchipoo's cackle in that clip. It's been ages since I've seen dear Madge.
    Probably should have commented above. Sympathy over the dish washer.

  6. That's the tremendous advantage of homeschooling, you can do it your way, where and when you want!! I'd hate to see that creative little girl locked in a warehouse all day....


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