23 Oct 2009

Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my...

...oh my.

You can buy it in Australia too.

I can see the day rapidly approaching when I shall need to sleep in the garage because children's books will have overwhelmed my entire house not just the study. Anyone who tells you that books are inanimate objects that cannot multiply of their own volition is just plain wrong.

I have proof.


  1. that is too funny! I was just talking to my husband tonight about the fact that I need him to build TWO MORE bookshelves. We already have tons! Books are just wonderful though!

  2. oh my!!!! this looks amazing!! "the little prince" was one of my favourite books when i was a teenager. oh i want to get this book now!!

    and thank you Jeanne for your sweet comment on my post, i do feel much better now :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting i love your blog its great.

  4. No such thing as too many books!


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