19 Oct 2009

On water and other things

It has been raining, and the Avoca River is flowing. Hurrah!

While on the subject of water, on the 14th October our water restrictions went from the highest Stage 4 back to the lowest Stage 1. Over night. Without warning.

While I am exceedingly excited about the possibilities this presents for our drought stricken garden, I am also rather bemused. Last week I couldn't water anything; this week I can water my lawn, and even wash my car. Has anything really changed, or is Grampians Water concerned because less water use means less revenue?

On a significantly less political note, here's a particularly delicious pic of my beloved taken yesterday at the river.

Just yummy, I reckon!


  1. That is great to hear! I've felt so saddened by the brown land when I have visited parts of Victoria for the past few years:(
    That is kind of strange how the water restrictions changed so drastically overnight, maybe someone was asleep on the job for a few months? :)
    oh and I think Jemimah takes after her daddy (in looks):)
    Sorry couldn't help that one, I am notorious for this:)

  2. Great news about your water, I hope it means that more rain is on the way for you!
    Do you live near the Grampians then? We had a holiday there one year and tramped through the "Grand Canyon". I think I bought one of my teaspoons at a gift shop there. I could tell the girls a few stories around my teaspoons now couldn't I!


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