11 Nov 2009

10 Books for Remembrance Day

10 Picture Books to help your children understand.

In print and available in Australia. What more could you want!!
  1. Simpson and His Donkey Mark Greenwood & Frané Lessac
  2. My Mother's Eyes Mark Wilson
  3. Memorial Gary Crew
  4. In Flanders Fields The Story of the Poem by John McCrae Linda Granfield
  5. The Legend of the Lighthorse Ian Jones
  6. The Unknown Australian Soldier Mary Small
  7. Simpson and Duffy Mary Small
  8. Walers Go To War Vashti Farrer
  9. Not Only a Hero: An Illustrated Life of Simpson, the Man with the Donkey Tom Curran
  10. In Flanders Fields Norman Jorgenson


  1. John McCrae lived about half an hour from here--if you ever come to southern Ontario, you can visit his home.

  2. I stumbled across Simpson and his Donkey in a bookshop last year. What a find! I will enjoy searching for the other books on your list Jeanne, thanks!


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