17 Nov 2009

Exciting times we live in!

Oh my! The times they are a changin'! I want one!

Thanks to Momma Snail for posting this first!


  1. is there anything you cannot do with an iphone!

    such a clever idea :)

    (replied to you on my site btw)


  2. My 4 year old LOVES playing with my iphone. This would "protect" it a bit more :) So amazing!

  3. I would LOVE to have an iphone! However, my husband likes verizon too much to switch to...who carries it...AT&T?

    Oh Jeanne..I see you have so much Japanese culture on your blog. I LOVE that. My daugther is taking Japanese this year. She has always loved the culture. She got interested once she took karate.


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