5 Nov 2009

Fun with Punctuation

I'm afraid I'm turning into a serial Book Chook reposter. I do hope she considers it a compliment. This time it is her nonsense challenge that has me thinking out loud.

Take time to have a bit of a look at the word games in the Chook's post, and then she how you go with these two punctuation challenges. My Father-in-Law was an English teacher and he loved using these with his students. I'm sure glad he didn't set my exams!!

Okay. Are you ready?

First, a conversation with a sign writer that goes like this:
There is not enough space between Jones and and and and and Son. (5 ands.)
That one too easy for you? Have a go at this one then.
Jemimah whereas Max had had had had had had had had had had had the better mark then Jemimah would have won. (11 hads.)
Both sentences can be punctuated to read as correct English. If you think you've worked them out then leave me a correctly punctuated sentence (or two) in the comments. If nobody takes up the challenge I'll let you know my Father-in-Law's answers next week.

Oh yes, as the Book Chook says, be sure to try them on your kids as well.


  1. OK, first one:
    There is not enough space between "Jones" and "and", and "and" and Son.

    Jemimah, whereas Max had had "had had", had had "had". Had "had" had the better mark, then Jemimah would have won.

    I think my brain has now gone floppy!

  2. Oh my brain was too floppy to even attempt that one. The "and" one was easy!

  3. I've run into both of these before. They make my brain tired. These days I work on the KISS principle. That way I don't get lost.

  4. LOL - oh I loved the video.

    Sorry, it's too early in the morning here for my brain to function with punctuation. So I'm going to have to pass with the challenge. LOL :)

  5. Ok here goes:

    There's not enough space between "Jones" and "and" and "and" and "Son"

    Jemimah, whereas Max had had "had" had had "had had"; "had had" had had the better mark then Jemimah would have won.

  6. lol. The video was great. My kids are going to love it - do you think it can count as a punctuation lesson for them today?

  7. Ah, how delightful. I hadn't seen that clip with Dean Martin, but we have Borge's solo videos and audio tapes. I brought my son up on a steady diet of Borge, Goon Shows, Monty Python and Calvin and Hobbes. In many ways I failed Motherhood, but he has a wonderful sense of humour!

    Please keep re-posting! It's so nice to know someone is reading. And I am now planning a post on my way to get kids to enjoy punctuation - see what you've done!


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