21 Nov 2009

I am in lust

Isn't this the most beautiful map you have ever seen?

I am totally and utterly in love lust with it.

It is printed on high quality canvas, has polished wooden poles at the top and bottom and even comes with the string to hang it with. What's more, it has up-to-date and highly detailed political information. What's not to love!

What say I have a chat with the jolly fat man in red and organise a bulk delivery to homeschooling families? Anybody be in that?

I suppose if you don't want to rely on Santa - or worse, no longer believe - you could always buy one yourself. The giant sized Pacific Centred Telegram World Physical Wall Map was designed in Australia for Melbourne-based stationery distributor, telegram paper goods. If you're in Oz you can find your closest retail stockist on their website here. The rest of you will need to email them directly.

Telegram also import and distribute seriously gorgeous stationery from all over the world. Have a bit of a covet through their website while you're there. I love the seriously cute O-Check from Korea and the fantastic sectional globe from French company Geografia. In fact, I reckon I could place my whole Santa wishlist through this store!

Yeah, I know my Commandments.

I have to ask Santa for something though, and this would be just perfect!! Do you think he reads my blog?


  1. If Santa doesn't, he should.

    I can see why you lust after that map. Aren't maps so enticing? When I become rich, I shall collect old maps because they are truly beautiful.

  2. oooh - a good map does sound like a nice pressie!

  3. Jeanne - seriously, Santa?

    Now, Saint Nicholas I could accept.☺ lol

    The map looks absolutely great.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  4. Nobody believes me when I tell them how unbelievable BAD my geography and world knowledge is! Thankfully Charlotte Mason and AO is helping me to change that and I JUST bought a world map (so I could see where Paddle went- only to discover that Canada and the USA were "attached"!!! how bad is THAT!!!) from Angus and Robertson fr $32!!!!! They did have ones for more than $70! Anyway I am thinking I should have waited!! But no- it is all ok- I had to use a voucher I had been given anyway and I am thrilled with the interest my children have in the world and maps- school REALLY killed that for me...
    Have a great weekend... is it BOILING where you are?

    Blessings to you

  5. Oh wow! If Santa sent me that, I would definitely believe in him. :) That is a truly awesome map.

    Oh, and I'm enjoying your exam posts!

  6. I love how non-American maps do NOT have the United States SMACK in the middle of the map!! lol.... Beautiful map, indeed.

  7. The only thing better would be a backpack & an unlimited suppy of foreign currency. Do you think Santa would buy me a ticket?

  8. I seriously love that map! Wow! I am going over right now to email them. I certainly need a world map. Even if I didn't, I would get that map. Thanks for telling me about it. Lord, please let them deliver to the States!

  9. I was just wondering what type of googlers are going to reach your blog post with that type of title:)

  10. Laughing here at what joyfulmum said. Some googlers might be in for a surprise!

  11. Santa can count me in on that map too!

  12. That is a beautiful map! Ooooo....I think the beauty of maps too...is just the incentive to explore all the locations even if just by books and well...internet.

  13. Beautiful! My daughter loves maps. I bought her a world map HUGE poster for her wall. If she saw one in canvas, I have no doubt she'd faint. lol. There is something about the beauty of a world map though.


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